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  1. Seems to be a great question, but this threads over a year old. I wouldnt get hopes up, but would be nice to use something other than TARGET software...Im not even sure where to even start on programming my stick..
  2. Doesnt look too vulnerable, you'd have to be an exceptionally lucky shot to hit a target that small that wasnt armor plated.
  3. Which gunner position are you trying to load into? Copilot gunner, or door gunners? Because copilot gunner is 2...and you arent pressing the right keys if you are using the number key pad on the right hand side of your keyboard. Also, make sure door gunners are actually loaded before trying to select them.
  4. Not sure if these were posted yet... http://www.bavariantigers.com/2014/06/04/the-birth-of-the-first-complete-painted-tiger-fighter-worldwide/
  5. You can assign the different route modes and waypoint advancing to a rocker switch. There really isnt any conflicts between the two, as the selected waypoint will remain stored in memory until you advance to the next waypoint regardless of which submode you are in.
  6. some birthday information that could "save your life"
  7. Just the O ring gasket, the rubber seal. Mine came loose one day and from time to time it works itself out. I molykoted the crap out of it and it stays put most of the time now. I realized that this thing should be thicker than it actually is now, it helps tighten up the stick. I like a tight stick...
  8. Dev posted the link above. However, this will not fix the landing gear. This is just a mod to use the F-18 with the F-15 cockpit. Its this particular mod I was referring to when it comes to the landing gear not being inside the wheel bays when retracted.
  9. When Im in the Virtual Aerobatics Server, I always see the F-18s with the gear protruding. Here is a screenshot of the AI in a quick mission I just threw in, and the gear is up. I think its the -18 mod that causes it.
  10. The -18 comes with DCS World.
  11. And labels. Lshift F10 helps with that, I think...
  12. Any chance I can order a few as well? And any chance you can produce one that is twice as thick as the original?
  13. There a limit on number of screenshots per entry or is it just one entry per individual? With that said...
  14. Land on the opposite side of the road and see what happens there.
  15. hitman


    Ill see your puny .gifs and raise you bacon and egg cupcakes
  16. The same procedures apply for when my mom steps onto a deck.
  17. If I could only show this to the chemtrail experts...
  18. Ive seen video of people landing their A-10C on the KC-135 while it was flying. Of course you can land the A-10 on the carrier, it just requires a bit of finesse, max forward speed for the carrier, and a strong headwind.
  19. My bad, got a little carried away there..I havent flown the campaign yet.
  20. Well, the reason being is because those gunships are heavy. They wont be able to keep up with you if they are weighed down with weapons. You get either a gunship to prep the LZ (rockets and miniguns), or a gunship as an escort (gunship with doorgunners only), or CAS. You really shouldnt load an aircraft with 4 miniguns and rocket pods if you want to take off.
  21. Im willing to make a pot on this, anyone in? To get in on the pot its $10 and anyone can double down.
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