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  1. Hi all, I got the same issue, it is impossible to go low with the current weather conditions. Flanky83's suggestion is a creative shortcut but I really would like to see realistic weather conditions that suits the mission. I fly VR, are there any pilots who were able to finish this mission the correct way?
  2. Yes, it would absolutely a benefit if you could give AI light commands. I believe that only the planes who are part of your group copies your light settings. Within Persian Freedom has every “bird” a unique ID (no purple marks in TAD or HMCS) so they don’t copy my light settings. I am not 100% sure but I believe that the command “Fence In” includes that the exterior lights are switched off. But giving this command too early results in that your flight members leave the formation too soon. But again, I can be wrong because sometimes this works but often it doesn’t work. However, I have stopped some time ago with analysing the AI behaviour
  3. Sorry, my fault but most important is that we can take over the kneeboard's wind values in the LASTE Wind correction and that is really nice! Thanks!
  4. In Mission 6 I'll need my two CBU-97's to destry at least some of assigned armour which is moving to the Marines. Targets are moving, active air defenses prevents flying low, winds are quite strong and different heights have differents directions, so I want to input wind information into the LASTE Wind Correction (further below the website which explains where I am talking about). Based on the wind assignments in the DCS briefing and wind corrections as explained by Boris, I calculated for this mission the following wind settings (22o ground temperature and 2o divertion between Map North and Magnetic North): ALT WIND TEMP 00 250/8 22 01 250/16 20 02 250/16 18 07 99/14 9 26 319/23 -30 Our Kneeboard contains also a Weather report, but compared with the DCS briefing the numbers seems to be different so I'm a bit lost which info I should use to make a good correction. Weather report out of Kneeboard mission 6: And here you can find how to deal with Wind Corrections, explaind by Boris: Brrrrrrt Animal
  5. Again, great campaign! What I am missing are instructions regarding exterior lights, this would add realism to the missions. Besides this, my winger follows my lightsettings except for flashlights, I've noticed that sometimes these stay on even above enemy grounds. As far as I understand out of real life, after takin off in potential hostile environments all exterial lights are switched off. Brrrrrt Animal
  6. Ah, thanks for explaining. This means that we won't see any purple wingers in our TAD and HMCS. I like the way you've set this up, much less AI mistakes but a disadvantage is that it's hard to use Vaicom Pro voice commands (it reads the F10 phrases but this is hard to reproduce). But I really like your campaign and can't wait for your next one! Brrrrrrrt! Animal
  7. I took over the recommedations and yes, now I can close the mission. Thanks for this link!
  8. thanks for your quick response! Score: 100% - no cheating, no missing messages, message at the and that I completed the mission, the green Finish button is visible but doesn’t respond. If this is a ED issue then they really should solve it because I can’t continue and that really spoils the fun.
  9. Hi Stoop, You’ll have to adjust your TrackIR settings in a way that the HMCS cross stays in the middle of your sight. Basically this means that you have to narrow the view curves. I use a 38” curved screen and had to adjust it a lot, however the sensitivity of head movements is very high and it takes some time to get used to it but you can get a perfect result with the cross in the middle even when you look to your six. cheers Animal
  10. Hello, I cannot finish mission 6. No cheats, no fast forward of the time. I have played the mission 6-7 times and did everything exactly as described. I saved the mission (.trk file) but it is too big to upload. What should I do? My regards Animal66
  11. Yes, after 6 times I can do this mission almost with closed eyes The only issue is that my wingman vanishes sometimes without being hit or falling out of the sky. I can’t find any reason for this. I don’t believe that this has to do with the mission but is a DCS issue.
  12. Hi all, I can’t end mission 4 although my score is 100% and the green END MISSION button is available. I did a DCS file check and played the mission about 6 times now. I also checked it through Tacview and the only unexplainable thing that I saw in one of the missions is that my wingman vanished without being hit or falling out of the sky. The file is too big to include but we all know the AI has it’s own mysterious ways. Biggest issue is that I don’t know what to do to continue. I use Steam edition and no cheats whatsoever. any advice? edit: I found the problem, I have accelerated time from WP2 to WP3 and seems that this is a way of cheating...
  13. Hi all, I got the same problem and as far as I can recall, I hadn't this problem with the A-10c and believe that it has to do with the new APKWS. I spot a target, make it SPI through the TGP, choose a laser guided weapon, fly in a straight line to the target while activating the laser and then out of nothing the TGP looses track. This happens 75% of the time. Sometimes I see without any reason that the TGP camera is shortly moving by itself, sometimes coming back to the target but most of the time it is pointed let's say 10-30 metres away from it. I can imagine that when you make a turn and the TPS looses direct sight, that te TPS can be off target. I can't imagine that this is normal when the TGP has full sight.
  14. I all, After 250+ flight hours in A10C/II I really would like to go to the next level by joining a group of serious A-10 pilots. I like to play campaigns but get frustrated by the fact that my fellow AI flight members respond badly to commands and do unexpected things what kill them. I love to learn, like to do longer missions and try to do this as realistic as possible. Do you like to share your knowledge to get a new team member? Then I am more than willing to join! Stay safe, Animal66
  15. I totally agree. All campaigns are really fun and the storylines are good. But regardless how good you are, there are quite some missions which only can be completed together with your wingman/flight. Unfortunately they not always respond and react as they should and it is often not possible to fulfil the mission by yourself. This is reported and noticed, so let’s hope that the AI will improve as soon as possible. But don’t let this stop you to do campaigns, there is a lot what can be done and much to learn. And agree totally with Yurgon to master at least some basic knowledge and skills, the A-10 had a learning curve but mastering piece by piece can be so satisfying.
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