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  1. Awesome photos dawestsides! Good job and thanks for sharing :)
  2. jazjar, It isn't working for me in that mission as well. Its bugged.
  3. Great place to meet fellow A-10C pilots and organize some flights, all welcome to join!
  4. I support this idea, I think its great. Black Shark's MP lacks a chat room and what can be better than an integrated IRC room.
  5. Я нечаенно в настройках поставил чтоб пилот умирал и в предпоследней миссии пришлось катапультироватся над Грузией. Хоть я и успешно приземлился - сказало что пилот умер и кампанию приходится проходить заного. :( У кого нибудь есть захраненный файл? Не охото заного проходить...
  6. This is really freaky... mine arrived too! (qpig.ru) :D
  7. Congrats, you must be the first to get it from qpig.ru. Still waiting for mine, though I haven't checked the mailbox yet. :D
  8. Anything more, like what, sexual favours? :P lol Yeah, just pay with your credit card, its really simple. There were a few guides posted already.
  9. Focha, a long time.. I placed an order on October 29th, the work on the order got delayed a bit because of Russian holidays but I would say it would still take about 2 weeks before your order will be sent out.
  10. Well my qpig.ru order status is finally saying 'sent to client'. Waiting for it to arrive :]
  11. Its been saying Komplektovanie (acquiring, packaging, gathering, whatever) for about a week. Today the status changed to Podgotovka k Otpravki (preparation for shipping).
  12. My order from qpig.ru says it is now being prepared to be shipped, at least some progress! I expect it in about 2 weeks...
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