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  1. Awesome photos dawestsides! Good job and thanks for sharing :)
  2. jazjar, It isn't working for me in that mission as well. Its bugged.
  3. Great place to meet fellow A-10C pilots and organize some flights, all welcome to join!
  4. I support this idea, I think its great. Black Shark's MP lacks a chat room and what can be better than an integrated IRC room.
  5. Я нечаенно в настройках поставил чтоб пилот умирал и в предпоследней миссии пришлось катапультироватся над Грузией. Хоть я и успешно приземлился - сказало что пилот умер и кампанию приходится проходить заного. :( У кого нибудь есть захраненный файл? Не охото заного проходить...
  6. This is really freaky... mine arrived too! (qpig.ru) :D
  7. Congrats, you must be the first to get it from qpig.ru. Still waiting for mine, though I haven't checked the mailbox yet. :D
  8. Anything more, like what, sexual favours? :P lol Yeah, just pay with your credit card, its really simple. There were a few guides posted already.
  9. Focha, a long time.. I placed an order on October 29th, the work on the order got delayed a bit because of Russian holidays but I would say it would still take about 2 weeks before your order will be sent out.
  10. Well my qpig.ru order status is finally saying 'sent to client'. Waiting for it to arrive :]
  11. Its been saying Komplektovanie (acquiring, packaging, gathering, whatever) for about a week. Today the status changed to Podgotovka k Otpravki (preparation for shipping).
  12. My order from qpig.ru says it is now being prepared to be shipped, at least some progress! I expect it in about 2 weeks...
  13. I ordered my copy from qpig.ru on October 29th, still waiting for it to be shipped. This Wednesday will be 2 weeks since I ordered :]
  14. I don't have the game yet so unlikely, but feel free to join the chat :D
  15. Everyone is probably at work, as I am. I'm idling on there though. :)
  16. Don't worry, should be in Australia in a few months. :D JK though, hope its faster than that
  17. If you guys wanna try out the multiplayer, feel free to meet up and organize the games at the Black Shark IRC channel :) Server: irc.gamesurge.net 6667 Channel: #blackshark
  18. You have to set the heli as "Player" rather than AI.
  19. I was probably the first to order from qpig.ru (ordered last Wednesday) and yesterday my order was confirmed and is being packaged to be shipped. Its been this long because of the holidays in Russia so be patient, I'm sure you'll get the confirmation soon. They didn't send me an email confirming the payment, I just checked the qpig account, went into account settings and checked the current state of the order.
  20. I just checked my qpig account and its now saying the game is being packaged! :D
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