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  1. My server and box was checked. I can use NVG as a gunner when trying the same mission with same setting in single player.
  2. I have this problem also but only in multiplayer.
  3. Top rotor has much longer moment of arm and hence it's the dominant rotor for rolling motion. In forward flight it's leaning to the right which explains why the rolling moments are in balance even if the lower rotor is much more tilted to the left. But it's a good question why the top rotor would be leaning to the right. I have no clue at the moment. Because of its spin direction, transverse flow should make it tilt to the left. There would have to be downwash for some reason at the front portion of the disk or upwash at the rear portion.
  4. The NASA article is the same as posted earlier in this thread. Flapping takes care of the moment created by the force causing the rower rotor to tilt so you don't experience roll to the left. You still end up having the lower rotor disk tilted to the left which causes slight drift to the left unless you compensate with slight bank to the right. If you try to fly very carefully as straight as you can and wings level, you will notice that the Shark doesn't want to fly directly forwards at high speed but wants to drift to the left a bit.
  5. tld;dr At high speed there's less down wash at the rear section of the lower rotor or even upwash that causes the lower disk to rise at right side. The downwash of the upper disk gets skewed rearwards due to forward motion of the helicopter and the reduced downwash of the center of the upper disk gradually gets pulled more aft.
  6. Tried to report on this already but it got moved to a chit chat thread and buried there so repost. Different Viper manuals give wildly different empty weights for block 50 vipers. Especially notable is the HAF Viper that has extra features bolted on it worth of about 2000 lbs (CFT, internal ECM, electronics updates, Have Glass RCS reduction paint job) that are not present on Viper modeled in DCS. The empty weight in DCS is pretty close to that of HAF Viper but we don't have any of the bells and whistles of that plane. Having to carry around extra ~2000 lbs degrades turn performance significantly and while the DCS Viper conforms pretty well to the real life EM charts it can't do it with a decent fuel load. As per forum rules I can't provide any hard data but I suppose devs will manage to get some verification to this through their own channels.
  7. As the title says cms manual program 5 is executed twice when pressing panic button on the wall. This only occurs with short programs like 1x chaff as it will not trigger another release upon depress if there's a program already running. Currently you need to mod the cms programs for this bug to occur but for the future when users can adjust programs themself this should be fixed.
  8. Thanks for the image. The empty weight for performance calculations in USAF manual is way less than in your image. After some digging it seems the weight difference is due to conformal fuel tanks, internal ECM, updated electronics and Have Glass RCS reduction paint job. I don't think the DCS version has or is supposed to have any of that stuff so we are getting a weight penalty for nonexistent features. Actually the empty weight shown in mission editor is even higher than that.
  9. Is empty weight what it's supposed to be? Looking through some manuals I noticed that there are versions of block 50 Viper with wildly different empty weights. For example HAF F-16 empty weight is about 21000 lbs and USAF F-16 is about 18900 lbs. I have no idea how the HAF version is so much heavier but that's the empty weight we have in DCS.
  10. If you look carefully at the physics involved, you can see that below corner speed your turn radius is almost constant while doing a lift limit turn. So as long as you stay slower than corner speed and faster than minimum radius speed your radius is going to be pretty close to the minimum.
  11. This used to work in DCS by showing F10 map when you died and external views were disabled. Perhaps a bug? Anyways there should be an option to disable all external views in all circumstances.
  12. I have to cancel my participation due to being busy with work. (SF_Bushmanni - F/A-18C)
  13. Do you have to stick to the plane that you sign up with or are you allowed to switch in some situations, like between matches like in previous Top guns?
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