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  1. Well personally I don't like how they removed that chat in Ubi.com.
  2. Lockon has high detail graphics, but I don't understand why a sim that has such high graphics detail use so little of the graphics processor. It would be interesting to know how they render the terrain, how they use clipping planes, and how much of the 3d rotations and transformations get passed off to the graphics processor. On a humourous note, Eagle Dynamics should start investing in stocks/shares in hardware companies (AMD, ATI, Nvidia, etc.) because ED's software forces alot of their clients to buy new hardware. :)
  3. In 1.02 you could stall out the Su-27 so much faster to do these advanced maneuvers - I miss that. You could do a somersault from normal flight so quickly, it was very cool!
  4. OMG yes snomf, you need to upgrade that thing lol
  5. very cool setups guys (hehe Depede) throttle (bigger image in the thumbnails): made up of electrical tape (heheh I need to make a new handle), sidewinder prec pro and sidewinder 3d pro. I just soldered wires to the buttons on the base to make the additional buttons on the handle. Next to the throttle is a coffee cup warmer ;) stick: MS FF2. I put an old mousepad underneath and it's held down onto the desk, so it doesn't vibrate or rattle when the force feedback is in. All the controls on the base of the joystick and the throttle lever on the joystick are for winamp only ;) [edit]Imported all images as thumbs
  6. I had the same problem, and playing with the settings did NOT get the lights back. So, when I installed 1.11 way back, I noticed I had light again so I backed up the the graphics.cfg file. Anyways, if I want to see the lights I need to use my backed up graphics.cfg file. So, here's my backed up file: http://www.fileshack.us/files/591/graphics%20TAXI%20LIGHTS.zip Don't forget to rename the file graphics.cfg if you use it. Hope this does the trick.
  7. Interesting topic guys! Is there any way to make a CDDS file of our own? I think if we could make our own small CDDS, we could hex edit the object files (su-33.cmd or whatever) to point at these new file names, then add these new CDDS files to the graphics.cfg file. I'm thinking this might work because when ED released their black Su-25T skin there were new lines in the graphics.cfg file for the new cdds files, and new CDDS files. We would also have to add something to Meinit.xml I believe. Anyways, might be alot of work for just a skin. How do we go about making a CDDS file for about 10 2048x2048 mips (for the su-33 or the 27) so that the CDDS browser will recognize the file as CDDS?
  8. Yes Diveplane, I agree. The lights on the Su-25T put the lights on the other planes to shame ;)
  9. Autohotkey example Simple autohotkey macro - Press 9 to go into return mode: Make a file called test.ahk and paste this code: $9:: Send, {6} Sleep, 10 Send, {1} Sleep, 10 Send, {1} return
  10. This mod will work with any version, as long as F6 is the lights key. It could be made to work with any script, since it's an Autohotkey script, not a Lua script.
  11. hi all, I don't know if you ever saw Autohotkey before, but I love it. It lets you program endless macros with your keyboard, mouse and joysticks, and it's very dynamic. So, Diveplane, Ruggbutt and a few others mentioned it would be nice to have the Strobe Lights mod working, and I made this Autohotkey script months back, just to test, so I thought I would share my findings. First you will need to download and install: http://www.autohotkey.com/download/AutoHotkeyInstall.exe and check out http://www.autohotkey.com/ if you're interested. No I don't have anything to do with the development of Autohotkey, but I have to say I've been looking for software like this for years and I think it's frickin awesome!!! ;) Second, you will need to make a file called Lights.ahk and place this code inside: blockKeyEntry = 0 ; DON'T TOUCH, used to block so we only have 1 thread at a time ; HERE IS WHERE YOU MAKE CHANGES lightsKey = F6 ; <-- the key that turns on the external lights in LO key = 0 ; <-- the key that will toggle strobe lights $0:: ; <-- change 0 if you changed key to something besides 0 ; HERE IS WHERE YOU ARE DONE MAKING CHANGES ToggleStrobeLights( blockKeyEntry, key, lightsKey ) return ;========================================================================= ; DON'T GO ANY FURTHER UNLESS YOU KNOW WHAT YOU'RE DOING ;========================================================================= #SingleInstance force Menu, Tray, Tip, LockOn Strobe Lights DetectHiddenWindows, On return ;========================================================================= PressLightsKey( lightsKey ) { Send, {%lightsKey% down} Sleep, 50 Send, {%lightsKey% up} } ;========================================================================= LightsOn( key, lightsKey ) { ; wait for the key to come up state = 0 Loop { GetKeyState, keyState, %key%, P if keyState = U Break } Loop { GetKeyState, keyState, %key%, P if keyState = D Break if state < 4 PressLightsKey( lightsKey ) if state = 11 state = 0 else state += 1 Sleep, 50 } if ( state = 1 || state = 3 ) PressLightsKey( lightsKey ) } ToggleStrobeLights( ByRef blockKeyEntry, key, lightsKey ) { if ( blockKeyEntry = 0 && WinExist( "LOCK ON" ) ) { blockKeyEntry = 1 LightsOn( key, lightsKey ) blockKeyEntry = 0 } } OR download the file: http://www.fileshack.us/files/591/lights.zip. After you make the lights.ahk file, double click on the lights.ahk file and you should get an H icon in your system try indicating the script is active. Start Lock On, change your Onboard Lights key to F6, then start a mission. The 0 key (zero) will toggle the strobes off or on. To turn off the script, right click on the H icon in the system tray in windows, and click Exit. Also, check out some of the documentation on Autohotkey if you like or would like to make macros for your keyboard, mouse, joystick or joystick axes. It's great!
  12. Diveplane the 1.1 version strobe lights should work with 1.12a. The thing is, I'm not sure what scripts are available to a client if you join a server, so I'm not sure whether they work online or not. Also (a big also), I found software to make keymacros that has incredible power. So, it would no longer be Lockon dependant, it would just be: you press a key, and the software presses another key at the interval to make the lights go off/on. It would work in Lockon regardless of whether you're offline or online.
  13. Duh just noticed the posts, sorry I missed these! Thanks CJ and Hawg! Thanks Hawg for finding these. Hawg, I think you might not have the latest version, because I fixed that typo...and added many new ones ;) Really I would like to find a good installer program, and maybe something to make help files. Also, when that second LoLauncher window comes up, it says "Use the other LOLauncher window to start Lock On. Leave this window open to host in UBI.com or Hyperlobby and close this window when you finish hosting." It's still a bit confusing, but hopefully it will do for now.
  14. Wow that ATI Tray Tools is great! I set my fan speed to hot keys ctrl+shift+7, 8, 9, 0 for auto, 80%, 90% and 100%, and it works great. I tweaked the % fan speed with respect to GPU temps. I also enabled Onscreen display, so I can see my FPS, my GPU temps and GPU fan speed, and my MB temps (through Speedfan), all in game. Very very nice, a must for anyone who uses ATI cards! Very nice.
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