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  1. Of all the items I have bought and used over the years, the Spitfire is the only one that does not work at all. I have tried all the suggested ways to improve flight but to no avail. Every other plane I own flies perfectly well using my Warthog setup, the Spitfire defies all tweaks and flight curve inputs. I give up. I have the Spitfire in IL Sturmovik BofS and it is a joy to fly.
  2. After the trial period ended yesterday, I now have to spend ten minutes or more logging in and clicking all the aircraft etc that I don't own. How do I delete them completely ?
  3. After starting again from scratch, I find that my planes and other items will not install, this is because of updates. How do I reinstall them now?:cry:
  4. Hey! it was obvious! Yes, of course. Never thought of that and it was obvious. I couldn't even taxi to take off. I had just given up. Thanks a bundle :doh:
  5. This is a strange one! I now find that DCS World will not open if Track IR is activated. Turn off Track IR and it's fine ?:helpsmilie:
  6. I have never used TARGET but would love to know how it works. I have downloaded CTS and followed it best I can but not sure exactly what to do next? I believe that entering each aircraft I own and allowing the software to write the script. But then what? Any help gratefully accepted.
  7. Because I was fast running out of space, I moved DCS to another drive. Every body assured me this was easy, just change the shortcut to the new drive. I right clicked the short cut and in properties changed the location from F to E, which was advised. It gave me an error notification. The game opens but nothing works, click on anything, no go! However, when closing the game using Task Master, I clicked Dcs to close it, the game then worked perfectly. Which is ok but I don't really want to do this every time. Is there something I am missing?
  8. I have just bought a new pc, all the bells and whistles. Three other flight sims work perfectly and graphicly perfect. DCS World, crashes one minute after start. Cannot find the cause. Have completely deleted the app and reinstalled beta version, no difference, crashes within a minute. The fault is with my pc but I cannot find a solution. Any advice please.
  9. Apologies Darcwaynard Sorry Bro, very flippant of me. You were quite correct. When I looked more closely at my module manager, it clearly said, Download. So I did. Everything I bought is now in the sim. Cheers:thumbup:
  10. Downloaded I'm sure my first sentence stated that they are all downloaded. They are NOT appearing within the sim and certainly in none of the missions.:doh:
  11. Recently re downloaded the sim after pc problems. All my planes appear to have down loaded but do not show within the menus. Neither in any mission or other situation?:helpsmilie:
  12. Found it at last. Thanks all for infinite patience.
  13. Sorry dburne, searched for the VR re- centre and Vr zoom. I couldn't find them. Please elucidate for this 76 year old pilot.
  14. Oh my God! It's making me feel sick. Absolutely incredible! I tried sitting facing the screen but sometimes I am side ways in the cockpit. How do I adjust the view?
  15. Yes, there it was.Thanks again. Update, I got the game to start, however, I was in a hanger with an F-15 but the actual game screen was behind me? I need a lot of help!!!
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