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  1. Of all the items I have bought and used over the years, the Spitfire is the only one that does not work at all.

    I have tried all the suggested ways to improve flight but to no avail.

    Every other plane I own flies perfectly well using my Warthog setup, the Spitfire defies all tweaks and flight curve inputs.

    I give up.

    I have the Spitfire in IL Sturmovik BofS and it is a joy to fly.

  2. Hey! it was obvious!


    In DCS when you press W is not send only one W, is send WWWWWWWWW... to make the braking progressive and not ON/OFF, see with Ctrl+ENTER.


    The Saitek soft are send only a W, try using a function repeat, if available.


    Mapping a axis with XPadder and 0,2 seconds pause between each W work.


    In the end you will get brake both wheels with this, not "toe brakes" - brake individual wheel - as the plane don't use this system (e.g. Mig-21), or are not modeled... will be just a awkward "workaround".


    Yes, of course. Never thought of that and it was obvious.

    I couldn't even taxi to take off. I had just given up.

    Thanks a bundle


  3. Because I was fast running out of space, I moved DCS to another drive. Every body assured me this was easy, just change the shortcut to the new drive. I right clicked the short cut and in properties changed the location from F to E, which was advised. It gave me an error notification. The game opens but nothing works, click on anything, no go!

    However, when closing the game using Task Master, I clicked Dcs to close it, the game then worked perfectly.

    Which is ok but I don't really want to do this every time.

    Is there something I am missing?

  4. I have just bought a new pc, all the bells and whistles. Three other flight sims work perfectly and graphicly perfect.

    DCS World, crashes one minute after start. Cannot find the cause. Have completely deleted the app and reinstalled beta version, no difference, crashes within a minute. The fault is with my pc but I cannot find a solution.

    Any advice please.

  5. Oh my God! It's making me feel sick. Absolutely incredible! I tried sitting facing the screen but sometimes I am side ways in the cockpit. How do I adjust the view?

  6. Yes, there it was.Thanks again.

    Update, I got the game to start, however, I was in a hanger with an F-15 but the actual game screen was behind me?

    I need a lot of help!!!

  7. Thanks all. deburne, when I click settings in the Rift ,the following doesn't show. "allow third party software, or unknow sources" checked in the Rift's settings ( from the desktop Oculus software).

  8. Just received and setup Oculus rift. When I clicked the DCS to fly,Oculus home popped up and I couldn't access anything and the mouse stopped working.

    Jesus! I need help?:doh:

  9. I have tried over and over but cannot get enough speed to take off. The problem seems to be the brake lever on the joystick, it's highlighted with brackets but for the life of me I cannot disengage it.

    Please anyone tell me what to do.:helpsmilie:

  10. Thanks for your suggestion but you misunderstood my problem. The boxes that show when you need to change aircraft controls for your joystick settings for instance. These are too small for a 76 year old guy to read three feet from the screen.

    What I am trying to find if anyone else has solved the problem of best resolution, while still being able to interact with settings etc.

  11. Have been trying to find the best resolution, while, also trying to get the best possible graphics.

    I like my native setting of 4k x 2k, 3840 x 2160 but it is almost impossible to see the "controller settings" when I click it to change something, the box is just too small.

    So I need a compromise. Any help gratefully received.

  12. After realizing my rig just wasn't making the grade,I bought the Evga gtx 1070 TI Card and a 4k tv. Would someone help me find the best settings for the amazing scenery I have watched on YouTube vids.

  13. Well, there was no help here. If anyone else has this problem, the solution is to go to C: program files ,Eagle dynamics, Alpha, mods, terrain, Normandy and enable it. this allows you to enter your serial and Bobs your uncle.

    Wish someone had told me this!

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