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  1. Finished the campaign today. Just want to congratulate the creators. I really enjoy it and it was long due a campaing like this to the FA18. Cheers!!
  2. That's unfortunate! It looked cool for the price. Thrustmaster HOTAS is so expensive. I had to settle with T.16000M
  3. didn't know this model. It looks very nice with lots of features for a good price. Why is it not a favourite among the comunity?
  4. that's unfortunate. I was lnterested on this topic :( Well maybe new oportunities will come up.
  5. Same here. Happened already multiple times. When it is stuck, i never managed to get it loose again. Not sure if its my mistake, when I raise the hook too soon.
  6. Is raytracing a thing for DCS? That would may be a point for the 3080. I would go for the bigNavi if it would be more efficient. I wouldn't mind lose 10% for Nvidia if it wouldn't be a big massive block consuming watts and generating heat. I will do the same. Wait for both, and then compare with performance increase with the used market.
  7. Understood. :thumbup: Ok, lets wee this again in Q4. If the price of the 3080ti will too off, or the offical specs are not close to the latest rumours, then a used 2080ti will be the next buy. I would wish the 3080 ti would be a big improvement, somehow more efficient at a fair price. Fair being something I would pay that I know it would last be good 3-4 years at least. If they jump 50% in performance every year it is far from a good investment.
  8. Ok, thanks for the inputs. In 4k I cannot have decent fps on high settings. I'm currently playing in 2k but also not on high settings, because especially now in the supercarrier i notice really drop in fps. I will be on the market for used 2080 ti as soon as 3080 ti is out. PS: CPU is at 4.3Gghz and not 4.1. I'm greatfull that this is enough for now.
  9. Hey guys, I searched a while before making the question here, but I'm no expert in CPU's so I decided to just place the question. My current setup is a AMD Ryzen 5 3600X 6-CoreI guess clocked around 4,1 GhZ; 32GB RAM and GPU is a Sapphire RX 580 8GB DDR5. If I want to play 2k or ideally 4k at 60hz would a 2080 TI or equivalent do the trick or is CPU an issue here? I always read that for DCS CPU is the most important, and I do not want to spend money on a new graphic to end up with limited system anyway. :joystick: Thanks
  10. Is this the same problem? https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=274763
  11. Hi, I was able to play some missions with supercarrier, but now I'm not able to load any mission anymore as it just crashes. I load any other mission with the FA18 (example on carrier) it works fine. As soon as I try to load supercarrier DCS exits and I'm back yo my desktop. Does anyone had the same issue? Meanwhile I tried cleanup and repaired my installation. Didn't work. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1KclXoKn3QZpOeCZTJNqyWg7VSFuKUQoc
  12. Hey guys, I bought the bundle of supercarrier + f18 + su33 but I can't instal them on the module manager. I understand supercarier is not released yet, and this is fine, but how about the plane modules. There's nothing new there and I can't instal them. Is this suposed to be like that, or am I missing something. Thanks Just decided to ask before opening a ticket for nothing if it is somethingI'm missing. Cheers
  13. ok, problem solved. The pilot was dead in the campain I was creating, so that's the reason why the missions had disapeared.
  14. Hi Guys, Need your expertize PLEASE!!! Don't know what happened (I was messing around to create a mission) and out of the blue, my red flag campain lost all progress, all medals, etc.. I read several threads for support and went looking for my logbook.lua, which looks perfectly normal as before everything was lost. I can see the missions there, etc. How can I use this to restore it? thanks in advance. I don't have the energy to go back to the beguining :helpsmilie::helpsmilie:
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