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  1. Thanks. Hmm...strangely any command that I set up involving a modifier does not work. For instance, I set up a command with "Shift+.", which works fine when I test it in notepad, but it somehow doesn't work in-game. Not that it is broken completely, but if I press the button 10-times it may work once in a while.....I guess it has something to do with the logic of FC2? I guess an option now is to reassign the input to single keypress as suggested by you....slewing the target designator, view-pan, radar scan code, trim.....damn, jsut too many of them. Will try this out this weekend, too busy these nights. Thanks for the suggestion.
  2. Hi, I have been playing around with my new G940 in FC2, but have quite a few questions about it. 1. I woudl like the assign thr trim keys, e.g. "RCtrl+." from trim up, as a command. Here is the screen grab of what I have. However it just won't do anything no matter which button I assign this command to. 2. I have assigned the toe brake on the pedal for wheelbrakes, by assigning a "W" command to the front axis assignment and set its repeat to fast. When I tested it in notepad I was able to get "W" inputted repeatedly, however it doesn't reponse in the game. Would someone be kind enough to help me out? Thanks a lot.
  3. A quick question out of curiosity: How come no simulation provides an option to chnage or view keyboard config during the game? This question has puzzled me since the Jane's era.....and out of a sudden I decide to ask it here.
  4. I read the data of the suggested IR LED (SFH485P) from here: http://docs-sia.electrocomponents.com/webdocs/0028/0900766b8002885f.pdf In the characteristic forward voltage section, it says I=100mA, tp=20ms, Vf=1.5V I=1A, tp=100 micro-second, Vf=3.0V so which one actually is the optimum current? And what is tp? Zaelu > That's a very good nice design!!! I will certainly borrow your idea.
  5. Actually yesterday when I was browsing LockOn Files, it suddenly gave me infinitely many popups with title "Lock On Files", I have to do the Ctrl+Alt+Del stuff to shut down IE to stop the popups. Maybe it's attacked by a virus?
  6. I am no expert in dogfighting, but I always think that these BFM's are unpractical, at least partially. They are useful if you happen to end up in a turning fight in a furball situation. But for 1v1 head-on engagment, I cannot tell if the enemy is carrying missiles or not, and launch trail can be hard to observe in broad day light, I would not risk lead turning him at corner velocity, since then I would not have enough speed to evade a high aspect missile. But then I am not sure what can be done. Usually I just barrel roll like mad when the enemy is approaching, hoping to shake off any head-on missiles. Right after the enemy zip pass me, I can then enter a close range turning fight, close enough that his missiles are ineffective, then peel the angles away and guns, guns, guns.
  7. The popup thing isn't really a problem. It's just that the new hangar appears even at very large distance. Unlike other objects which pops up at close distance and disappear at large distance. The real problem is that I can run through the walls. So that's because there's no damage model? Strange...because the first time I ran the packaged mission, I did hit the wall and break my nose....maybe I hit a plane that was hiding behind the wall?
  8. Since the original thread is going to another direction, I think I shall start a new thread to ask a question. One problem with the new hangar is that it is "untouchable". It is visible, but I can go through the walls, and bombs just pass through it. This is quite weird because in the packaged mission there's no such problem. Another question just out of curiosity. The new hangar is not popping up like other buildings do at large distance. If it is a replacement of the command center, then shouldn't it pop up like the command center does?
  9. I guess I am the only one having problem with the model. After replacing the two .lom files, I did successfully see the new hangars in the provided mission, but ONLY in that airbase. If I build a new mission they cannot be found in any airbase anymore. There's also an effect on my other 3D objects. The 3D models of some buildings and KYS Afterburner cone are exploded. Do the .lom files affect ojects other than the hangar? I will post some screenshots when I get back to my PC. But still the new hangars are excellent, really nice addon. :)
  10. No problem, it's just a misunderstanding. BTW, I also think that an advancing tank column should spread out for cover when being attacked from above. In LOMAC, they just stay on the road with a constant speed. Is it possible to add at least some scripted AI so that they can try to run away?
  11. I am not bashing ED to fix it. I just want to tell them the problem, just in case they don't know about it. Fix it or not is their choice, I will certainly buy Black Shark regardless. Happy flying, Omega Oska
  12. I have been trying to destroy a runway on the Su-27, but it seems that no bombs can get the job done. And by destroy I mean that the target diamond should disappear after the target is eliminated. I have watched in movies that they use some sort of cluster bombs for runway attack, is it true?
  13. In the screenshot you see that the bridge was blown up, but the train still managed to fly across it. In Black Shark it certainly would be fun to do some train chasing with the Ka50, so can there be a more accurate modelling of the train?
  14. Wow, I would like to destroy a bridge like that in LOMAC too!! Do we have such a long bridge in the LO? Though I've never played the AceCombat series, I've watched every trailer of it, and they are superd in atmosphere and storyline.
  15. Thanks, that is a nice tutorial. But the A10 cannot locate a tanker on its own? I hope ED can add radio comm with the tanker in Black Shark. BTW, sometimes the tanker just won't extend the basket/boom. Is this a bug or what?
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