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    DCS. Used to play MSFS alot, started with Microsoft flight simulator V1. But since I got into DCS, civil flight sims have become too boring. Back in the days also played EF2000(PC) and F16 Fighting Falcon(Amiga).
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  1. -WRONG PLANE!- Ooops sorry all. Had the exact same problem.
  2. Had the same problem. During cold start Betty would be very quite when compared to hot start. Found the solution on a reddit page. See picture for volume knob location.
  3. So your saying, the IRMAV mode(amongst others) is a sub mode of the INS mode, ergo if slewing the seeker in INS mode is inverted then slewing it in IRMAV mode should be as well? I always thought of those(and other) modes as independent.
  4. I think by resolved they mean "Yes it's inverted, so what? You don't use the seeker in INS mode anyways." My experience with the Harrier II was limited to the 2 weeks trial period. Only played online but I did get to use most of the weapons AA and AG(Sidearm, Mavs, APKWS, and Laser guided bombs) in their respective modes without any inverted command issues. Not much radio or navigation practicing. So it is possible that I missed something and that the INS mode is used. But I guess I'll find out soon. Just got the keys to my brand new personal AV-8B Harrier II few days ago during a sales. There's just something about flying McDonnell Douglas jets that I really like, couldn't put my finger on it though.
  5. Dear ED, Please re-boot the "The Fighter Collection" series and add the Saab JAS 39 Gripen and the Sukhoi Su-35. Sincerely, Go_dzilla
  6. I basically created a copy of the original as a second layer. Then added the new(more intense) color and reduced the opacity so that the weathering, bolds, seams etc. from the original image would still be visible. From there I just tried to find the right balance between opacity & brightness. To answer your question, yes, I had to fade the orange area in addition to the other areas as 2 layers of orange was...well..too orangie.
  7. Im a bit of a prototype skin fan myself. Spent most of my trial period time in the Hornet flying it's prototype skin. Wasn't aware that the Eagle had one as well. Thanks for pointing that out. I created a skin using the color you mentioned above and named it "F-15 Prototype Skin V2". I was the best I could do without having to start completely from scratch.
  8. I'll take Rainmaker's word for it, for now, as I never even sat in a cockpit of an Eagle. In which case having to hold down the NWS button is actually more realistic. That's cool. I'll just rebind the button to a more convenient location/combination. Thanks all.
  9. Hi all, I think I found the issue: On the right MPCD in TV mode, the TDC slew commands are inversed when compared to INS mode. Below is a link to a video. You can jump to 04:00 to get to the point, but I left everything in to show what lead up to this point. https://youtu.be/HMNjaCku_2k -Targeting pod was not equipped.
  10. I would be better to have LAlt+Q toogle NWS rather than having to hold it down for the take off period.
  11. Hi try these posts https://forums.eagle.ru/topic/145590-su-25t-kh58-amp-25mpu
  12. Same here. Just completed a great mission. But the replay feature does not work. I don't think I'll be able to re-create those mission events. -_- Tried the following (created multiple backups/replay saves of the same mission. Made 3 saves) -Replaying without exceeding 2X time. --> replay broke -Replaying not exceeding 1X time.--> replay broke -Replaying with minimum graphic settings AND not exceeding 1X. --> replay broke :surrender:
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