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  1. Thanks for the reply's Of late I have had a stutter due to Oculus SW updates and think Oculus is not the company which will put any effort into our world of detailed simulation - probably not the long term way to go for me......therefore.... Took the plunge and ordered a G2
  2. I currently have a rift S and had a CV1 before that. I briefly flirted with a PIMax headset but it was very stuttery compared to Oculus Now thinking of moving to a HP Reverb G2 (when it comes out) but was wondering what the equivalent to ASW wizardry is like . Its tricky to get high FPS in VR in DCS hence ASW (or equivalent) neds to work well. Does anyone have experience thats up to date with how the steam VR works specifically with DCS and how it compares to Oculus Thanks
  3. thanks all for the responses I purchased 32BG RAM. got it running at 3.33GH (its 3.6 but will not boot at that rate) Its better...... now can run Water High Vis range Med Shadows High AA x 2 AF x 8 PD 1.3 Without stutter (except the channel map which still stutters) Can't go above 1.3 PD though else the stutters are back
  4. thanks for initial thoughts I did not use Display Driver Uninstaller -- but did this morning - but the same issue remains The CUP is running at 4.9 all the time via turbo boost - no heat problems I could turn down shadows - but my point being I'm seeing no real improvements over my 1080TI (which I ran on high shadows) except I can now whit 80 FPS when not down low / over busy areas I could not recommend the upgrade currently just for DCS Good news is in diving sims I am seeing the improvement - so not a total waste of money Any other suggestions on what he issue my be??
  5. Hi After some advice Just upgraded from a 1080TI to a 2080TI (other system in my sig) Running Vis range Med Water High Shadows High AA x2 AF x8 PD @ 1.3 I did run the same settings with my 1080 except I had to have PD @ 1.2 but it was always smooth Now with the 2080TI even at 1.3 I get an issue where the picture 'vibrates' when over a large city, down low, looking out to the side & down.... The issue is between a stutter and vibration of the picture very frustrated as I was expecting for my £1200 to be able to easily run at PD 1.5 Did a clean install of driver deleted the FXo and Shaders DIR Am I expecting too much from the card and I should settle running at 1.2 PD :( Any advice appreciated Thank
  6. Get it Even with all the shortcomings it’s still my favourite Just can’t love the hornet for some strange reason .... I have it with the supper carrier to support ED by I still fly the F16 Can’t wait for additional A-G weapons :)
  7. Is there a file we can edit while we wait for an official fix?
  8. same card with 11GB --- on the channel map it fills up and that's causing the stutter I'm sure even with minimum preload there is still a stutter due to vram being full must be a bug
  9. Probably mentioned before but the forum name now needs to be updated form 2.5 to 2.6
  10. You can do this by editing the stroke definitions - I’ll post details when at PC
  11. Had the issue last night - hope they fix it soon
  12. What do the go and nogo buttons do just below the HUD
  13. as at 25th April with the latest Beta at that date this is still an issue
  14. Comms always done with the best intentions - if things change the ED team will do what they think is best for their customers
  15. Any chance for a version with just MSAA NVG Grass simplification Z buffer Leaving the canopy, shadows and bloom etc as is
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