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  1. I was playing around with my old template after tons of time that I had not been playing lomac anymore... this was actually used in some RAF deployments to Norway, some years ago... it also seems to work :) try to find the Tornado quickly in the second pic :D BTW still wip, some details must be cleaned, plus, the 3D model is not that accurate thus also the skin was made quite quickly...
  2. same here, with 9800GT and 180.48 WHQL, I had to delete all LockOn profiles and set global profile to have AA and AF. But this works only with Nvidia control panel and not with Nhancer :( this allows only standard AA settings and not the advanced settings found in Nhancer. BTW I play @ 1680x1050, Nhancer's help tells that some AA/AF features work only @ 1280x1024 or lower res. Also a shame that now that I have a good config for Lomac, full shadows make aircraft dark :(
  3. hi, sorry for the OT... great avatar, looks like it comes from Strike Commander ;)
  4. It's quite some time that I don't play LO, anyway I'll check to have radar cover on the bandit. i.e. check your radar antenna elevation because sometimes bandits just slip below your radar coverage, specially in very close combat. F-15s should have sufficient lookdown capabilities for such engagements, at least in RL... pilots in Bitburg claimed that they were able to lock onto fast cars on freeways. that's my 2c...
  5. they modelled the D version, and the gloves were removed or simply locked shut from late A, A+ (B), D versions
  6. http://www.f-16.net/f-16_forum_viewtopic-t-9547.html a very nice one ;)
  7. I'm not a lomac ace, but I remember Mirage2000 and F-5s as really tough opponents. very good in knife fight range (in Lomac). small to spot and to hit, and even when hit they could sustain heavy damage (extremely unrealistic) ??????? sorry but aviation writer Lou Drendel, one who knows something about this topic, states "If any one man could be considered the father of the F-15 it would be major John Boyd" ("Eagle" - by Lou Drendel - Modern Military Aircraft Series by Squadron Signal) I read that he was part of what was called the "fighter mafia", an indipendent group of fighter pilots who in the 60's asked DoD to build aircraft as pilots wanted them... using experience gained in SEA... typical requirements of post-Vietnam/Korea fighters were bubble canopy with 360° view, internal cannon, good speed and good energy... while the F-16 can be considered as the true son of Boyd's ideas, I think that also the F-15 benefits from some of these ideas... I don't see Boyd as an F-15 killer, he just pursued a cleaner design, which was later adopted for the F-16 (and in many other designs) While the article on Wikipedia about "fighter mafia" ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fighter_mafia ) suggests a kinda negative attitude towards the F-15 there are a lot of sources who suggest another, much milder view... "Boyd continued to refine his theory and saw it used to a limited extent to enhance the capabilities of the F-15. [...] Boyd's theories are now used as a yardstick for measuring and comparing the maneuvering capability of all modern fighters. [...] His influences can be seen in such world-class fighters as the F-15, F-16, and F/A-18." (Code One Magazine, http://www.codeonemagazine.com/archives/1997/articles/jul_97/july2a_97.html, which appears also in wikipedia bibliography.... maybe the author didn't read it well)
  8. http://www.aircraftresourcecenter.com/Gal8/7001-7100/gal7072-H-21-Harr/00.shtm ok, for those who don't get it, there was a helo called H-21 nicknamed "the flying banana" for its shape, hence the model....
  9. third ;) http://digilander.libero.it/lockon/
  10. I don't know what this problem was about, but a similar thing happened on F-16s some time ago. Cracks on wings, fuselage... At a first glance it looked like the USAF was to scrap some 700-900 F-16s, but then they came up with a metal plate which reinforced the aircraft frame. So, many of them are still airborne... I personally saw some Italian F-16 (early F-16A block 15, afaik) converted to ADF version (interceptor role).... they fly with these plates attached, straight and simple...
  11. http://www.latimes.com/news/nationworld/nation/la-na-f156nov06,1,6807945.story?coll=la-headlines-nation
  12. I don't know why, but when I look at chinese homebrewed aircraft I always get the same feeling that I get when I look at the crazy modellers contests... where modellers put together parts from different kits, making frankenstein-like aircraft (such a hornet with tornado wings and other things like that) for example this thing looks like a fat Mangusta, or a Mangusta coupled with a Comanche...
  13. awesome pics here! ;) my fav is this one, a hornet HUD shot, beautiful colors (HUD & landscape):
  14. bump... some books are still available 7,00 EUR each book, bargain price! (shipping not included) issues available: World Air Power Journal 3 Autumn 1990 World Air Power Journal 16 Spring 1994 World Air Power Journal 18 Autumn 1994 World Air Power Journal 36 Spring 1999 World Air Power Journal 27 Winter 1996 World Air Power Journal 38 Autumn 1999
  15. for those interested who don't know it yet... joe satriani - one big rush [album: flying in a blue dream]
  16. http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/shared/spl/hi/pop_ups/07/uk_enl_1178814276/html/1.stm Bear Foxtrot? I knew it was just Bear. I only heard Bear Foxtrot in "The Hunt for Red October"
  17. but the prison was set aboard the ship MUAHAHAHA just kiddin' :D
  18. I believe there was something wrong between the Tomcat and the US Government.... First in the mid-late 90s it was decided to halt the production of the F-14D, one of the best fighter-bombers out there, while F-15E Strike Eagle was well funded for USAF. Many aviation experts evaluated brand-new F-14Ds better than the Strike Eagle as dual-role platform. The Tomcats also had all of their updates deleted, such as AMRAAM, which was fitted to every other AC in the US inventory and also to Humvees. Also the digital flight system update, which would have cut maintenance time, was cut itself. Then, the Tomcat was retired from service earlier than figures, which called for a 2010 term, in favour of an aicraft which is far from convincing and is clearly unable to do some things that the Tomcat could do (such as standoff BARCAPs, now that the Russian bombers have restored their long-range flights. The SuperHornets will be good fighters but they CAN'T fly the BARCAPs 1,000 miles away from the CVBG like Tomcats did (link here and here). The reason for retirement is that it's hard and tricky to fly and maintain. Ok, but I've seen Block-10 F-16s flying after being fitted with pieces of metal just to keep the wings in their place, after they discovered cracks on all F-16A airframes some years ago... Now, the Tomcats are being demolished instead of being stored at AMARC as all other planes do. The official reason is that the Iranian government could purchase pieces of Tomcats, but this is clearly a hoax, because a) access to AMARC is restricted, a bit tighter security would surely leave little chances of stealing Tomcat parts (it ain't that easy to run away with a Tomcat wing without being seen) b) if parts are bought by 3rd party and then sold to Iran, simply, don't sell Tomcat parts to 3rd party which are not well controlled museums or institutes c) Iran has flown Tomcats for about 20 years with spare parts made in country with reverse engineering. Why should they steal US pieces *now*? AFAIK Iran ceased to receive US parts in late eighties, after the Iran-Contra scandal... until then the illegal spare parts supply for Iran had caused a shortage for USN... at least that's what I read... d) Iran flies also F-5, F-4, AH-1, UH-1 (and many other aircraft). Why destroy only the Tomcats and not the other aircraft parked at AMARC (which is *FULL* of Phantoms)? IMHO there's someone in the US government which hates the tomcat, I don't know, maybe some Phoenix blew up his limo or a Tomcat crashed on his cottage.... dunno, but Tomcat's history looks very strange and sad to me :(
  19. Yeah, it's really a wonderful picture, one of my fav too. If you're a Typhoon fan I could send you some pics taken at the DA-1 prototype now sleeping in a german museum...
  20. The Typhoon obviously has AAR capability. The fact that the Bear can refuel in midair too doesn't automatically mean it has unlimited range. Typical missions do not allow tanker escort outside friendly airspace... in that case just outside Kola peninsula, so maybe you can start counting the 15,000 km just a few miles out of the coast, instead from Murmansk and Severomorsk airfields...
  21. wikipedia states 1,400 km for the Typhoon (I thought it was much less, but I'd like to get more info on mission loadout and profile) and 15,000 km for the Bear. They're quite different planes anyway ;) but I was pointing out that imho the eurofighter is not a pure interceptor. I could be tagged as "antiquated" but as pure interceptors I think about aircraft like F-14, F-15, Tornado F3, Mig-25/31. Aircraft capable of doing Mach 2+ and loitering at long range for CAPs and BARCAPs. The typhoon probably fills some gaps in speed and endurance using new tech now available as supercruise, new and more powerful avionics and weapons.
  22. The MoD said that this was the first time the Typhoons were sent to "play with the bears"... I don't know if this is true... But I know that interceptions take place on a regular basis...
  23. I don't see how this could be used in any flyable aircraft. IMHO it's clearly for somebody who wants to have a piece for his own museum. Iran has already reverse-engineered most of the US-supplied equipment, so I don't see why should they buy on ebay a scrapped tomcat nose. Furthermore, the scandal of tomcat supplies involved people in the military who were selling working pieces taken from just-mothballed tomcats. That is not definitely the case of the material in that auction! sometimes such US policies/paranoia really create lots of laughs around the world... maybe they hope to kill some terrorist with laughs ;)
  24. The problem is that the old Bear can launch its missiles well before being intercepted by RAF. Typhoons were not designed for long-range, long-endurance CAPs or BARCAPs. The Tornado F3 won't beat any fighter in a dogfight but it was very good as interceptor. Anyway don't start a flame on this topic, it already happened here: http://www.militaryphotos.net/forums/showthread.php?t=118656 and here are some partial answers to the previous post too http://www.militaryphotos.net/forums/showpost.php?p=2718188&postcount=13
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