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  1. Unlike GPU where we want full utilization when CPU starts hitting 100% a lot of weird things start to happen (random FPS drops, audio cutting out/popping, slow loading of assets etc) and even tho GPU is reporting 100% utilization it may very well be bottlenecked by CPU. Judging by the picture of task manager, your video memory is maxed out which caused GPU to also rely on shared memory (your system memory aka RAM). Because of that both CPU and GPU now have to wait much longer for necessary information and that causes significant FPS hit. If you are keeping ground textures on high I would suggest that you turn them down to low and check how its working now, there is of course visual difference between high and low but it will save considerable amount of video memory and I personally think it is worth it. 8GB GPUs are really starting to hit the limit when it comes to DCS and maximum textures.
  2. You are not dumb haha that whole sentence was poorly written by me. What I wanted to say is that when he typed A into KU and pressed enter, immediately after that, IHADSS and TADS showed automatic range mode with Ax.x where x.x represents range in kilometers in other words... automatic mode engaged correctly but on his WPN page it was still shown as MANRNG 3000 that was confusing him but from reply by Raptor9 that seems to be correct operation. So basically only way to know that you are in automatic range mode is to check your IHADSS or TADS it won't show up on WPN page.
  3. Watched the track file, even tho it says 3000 on the display when you pressed enter on your IHADSS it immediately shows A followed by range number example A0.2 and it is changing depending on where you are looking. I took control and the gun hit where I was looking without issues.
  4. Do you know what is this "position" mode that I assume is not implemented yet?
  5. Yikes 40 days of development and apparently there is whole team that works on Mi-24P in parallel to AH-64D... I am very disappointed not much because of time frame but from constant reassurance on the forum that it is actively developed in parallel with previously mentioned module yet this changelog really challenges those statements. Nonetheless, hopefully this bird gets much deserved attention now that hyper modern eye candy 64 is out (I own it too just to make that clear haha not hating it) After all Hind is still in early access and that takes a lot of time, we all signed up for this voluntarily
  6. You need to hold it. In "default" DIR trajectory from the beginning to the end of missile flight.
  7. 2 on the keyboard is default bind
  8. That is done automatically for a long time now.
  9. Yeah guess if something like this was to pop up : Sadly last minute testing showed that it simply doesn't work. Team will have to do it all over again but with gained experience from the previous attempt we are confident it will be finished by the end of this decade. Hopefully we would have access to fairly priced high refresh rate VRs with GPUs that can actually handle it properly, FFB pedals and sticks by the time it's finished
  10. Presenting evidence to the judge:
  11. That is correct for transformer failure. But I was referring to a situation where for example 36V transformers (main and standby) are fine and are connected to bus A if generator that powers bus A fails it should first trigger bus A and B coupling so now the second working generator is actually powering 36V transformer and other stuff from bus A, PT125 shouldn't engage at that point of course if second generator fails there is sensing circuit for 36V and if absent it should trigger PT125 and also disconnect other non flight essential/high power draw components from 36V bus. Currently in the sim if generator that is connected to the bus where 36V transformers are fails even if the second generator is operational PT125 engages and that 99% shouldn't be the case. So basically there is no coupling (and probably load sharing in general) of buses A and B currently, on top of that PT125 doesn't seem to power flight essential systems that it should.
  12. I've seen weird electrical system behavior from the day one but I am still waiting for ED to release electrical system schematics like it's done in Mi-8 manual for example or even better if someone has real world Mi-24P manual with electrical system schematics we could easily figure out what the real world behavior should be in every situation possible. But nevertheless it seems that PT125 is indeed not implemented correctly/bugged out. It will auto engage when generator connected to 208/36V transformer fails but seems to do absolutely nothing to power required systems except for "turning on". EDIT: Oh forgot to mention, I am also pretty sure it shouldn't actually need to power on when only one of the generator fails so that is probably another bug too
  13. Couldn't open this one without registration but there is video on the official youtube channel of Russian MoD. Even tho it is blurred it seems to be 77-1, missile is launched in BVR at something locked 80+ km away, it cannot be the original R-77 that we have but R-77-1 at minimum which we don't.
  14. 9.12 ftw but I must say that from this angle and armed 9.13 looks good too
  15. Like for example Soviet ones having another radar mode probably variation of high PRF with better ECCM. Every export equipment that I know of at least of Russian origin is downgraded sometimes really significantly. Export combat vehicles, tanks, apcs etc. were always using completely different composites for armor.
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