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  1. Can you explain what makes the Mi-24 superior in a CAS role to other helos?
  2. I wonder if some sort of audio feedback is planned. The shake is nice, even if very subtle. I know it has been mentioned that it might be overturned in the Mi-8, but for a desktop sim, any feedback is important.
  3. If you go by major features, so systems as a whole, it is fairly complete and only missing a few weapons. If you care about polish and details, quite a lot is still missing. The trim bug is part of it and so is the lack of visual or audio feedback regarding transverse flow or VRS. Or the fact that the audio warning system is barely functional, only having a few lines, which are in Russian. Quite a few warning lights are not functional at all and some, fairly important, status lights do not work in the English cockpit, like the doppler memory indicator. Petrovich is also in a very early state. He is quite good at aiming the missiles, but can do nothing else, not even speaking. Overall the Hind is in a decent early access state, no tomcat or JF-17, but definitely decent and playable.
  4. The biggest issue of the route autopilot, heading itself works fine, is that the Hind does not warn you when it is disconnecting. But I think the biggest issue is that a lot of warning aren't implemented. Only the generator has a - russian - voice warning.
  5. Does that mean the JF-17 has 2 DL modes, one on channel 199 and one on 198?
  6. The light that indicates, that the side slip indicator is in memory mode, is not working. It also does not light up when testing the lights.
  7. The mode indicator window of the AChS-1 clock in the pilot cockpit is in the wrong order. It runs when the red and white is shown and stops when the pure red is displayed. The first click of the left knob starts the flight time stopwatch, but displays the wrong flag (red and white instead of red). The operators clock is working correctly. The first click should set it to run and display the red flag, the second should stop it and display the red and white flag.
  8. Thanks, for both showing me that it works and what I was missing. I never pressed the FCU arm (ПУС) button. Never in one year of flying the Mi-8. I must have skipped/forgotten/dismissed as a BIT. It "worked" without it. So I assumed it was a bug in DCS. Thanks for correcting me. The thread can be closed.
  9. Do you mind sending me a track file. No matter what I tried, I always had this issue, no matter what I tried.
  10. For this test I used the space bar and held it down for 1 second per salvo. In the cockpit you can see that the launch button is held down without interruption. It is also not a one-off instance but perfectly reproduceable. I have never managed to empty the entire rocket pod with 5 presses of the fire button, which should be possible.
  11. Now with an air spawn: I arm the weapons, select the appropriate stations and fire. I hold the fire button down for 1 second, to ensure the entire salvo is fired. The first 3 salvos work fine, the fourth is only 3 rockets, nothing happens on the fifth trigger pull, the sixth shoots 4 rockets again and the seventh fires 1 rocket. rocket_issue_flight.trk
  12. IFF is working like in any (except the JF-17) other module. The receiver doesn't need to turn it on, it happens purely on the interrogator side. The reason you were shot down is because people did not bother or cared to IFF, not because yours wasn't working.
  13. Rocket pods on the Mi-8 do not work as expected. The size of a salvo changes, even if the trigger is held down long enough. Trigger pull rockets fired 1 4 2 4 3 4 4 3 5 0 6 0 7 0 8 0 9 4 10 1 I would expect it to shoot 4 rockets each salvo and empty one pod in 5 salvos. The bug appears on all stations. Similarly weird results appear also in a 4 rocket pod configuration. rocket_bug_mi-8.trk
  14. The screenshot was taken in 1440p. It looks like the sight is rendered for 1080p. Using the current beta patch.
  15. Even on 2D the overlay is distracting. It being 3D makes it work as a normal cockpit instrument you reference by looking at it. Integrating it into the cockpit would improve the Hind quite a bit.
  16. Could be done like the instant alignment option in the M2000C. User preference is set in the special menu and missions can force it off.
  17. Feedback is just much better and VRS is a non-issue in the Mi-8 if you listen to the rotors. So is the loss of translational lift. To add to that the visibility is much better, trim and SAS work in the Mi-8, while being buggy at best in the Mi-24. I think the issue is that we are comparing a finished and refined module to the newest release. Just fixing the trim, SAS and adding feedback will make the hind much more enjoyable. For now I enjoy going back to the Mi-8 and working my way through the campaigns. Sling loading is a ton of fun since it was fixed.
  18. How does it work for the displays? Can the operator take control and dial in a frequency to display to the pilot? Or in other words. Do both needles (front and back) always work at the same time?
  19. The option to set AI ground vehicles to some sort of attack move, similar to how it works in most strategy games. The unit would move towards it's waypoint until it is in range to fire at an enemy, then it stops and engages. Afterwards the unit would continue to the waypoint.
  20. Hiding your seat also hides the stick and those metal bars.
  21. S-8 rocket pods are heavy and the Hind is a heavy helicopter itself, with a slightly lower max TO weight than the Mi-8 from which it is derived. Take less fuel or weapons, or do a rolling TO.
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