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  1. May just be the Hornet has a bit too much smash in the sim ?
  2. The only difference is how you tell the jet how to do something. I agree that the Viper is easier until I have to use the ICP. In the Hornet the DDI's are utilized more verses the ICP in the Viper. In the Hornet you hit the UFC button on the DDI to access settings. In the Viper you kind of do both. Sometimes you enter parameters om the MFD sometimes with the ICP. However, the most glaring and infuriating thing that reminds you that your first ride was a Viper is.... ...when you're driving a Hornet and your AMRAAM wont come off the rail because you're on the pickle button !!!
  3. The APU could power the electric system provided the engine still spins freely. The APU will drive the AMAD(Airframe Mounted Accessory Drive). The AMAD drives the the generator.
  4. There's a mission in the "mission" menu for the Hornet. Red flag Iron Hand. It's challenging as there are many red air and ground threats. Timing is critical so you have CAP cover. Pretty tough to get weapons on target but it's cool when you do. Also there is Tolicha Peak Shoot out. New SAM systems come online as you destroy them. 4 total. No other threats are present. You will need the Nevada theater for these though.
  5. I was just messing around. I figured out how to fix the problem. It seemed like I posted that question a year ago and I had no response so I answered my own question. Just my failed attempt at humor.
  6. Thanks ! radios working again.
  7. Try running a clean up from the DCS updater then run a repair from the updater.
  8. A fighting machine for COMBAT SIMULATOR. Eye candy is cool but not high on the list for me. Targeting, weapons employment and defensive systems are what the sim is about. Flight model is large part of that equation. Who cares how it looks if it can't hit a thing and flies like a brick ?
  9. Running the newest open beta. Disclaimer, I changed the NATO file in the speech folder to the Hornet compatible version.. strangely, there was a new NATO file i didn't modify after the update. I get absolutely no response from jtac. I've changed things around in ME. Double check frequencies, try other comms(they work). Put the old file back. Ran a repair. Nothing. JTAC missions are what I have been working on and are fast becoming my favorite. Any ideas would be appreciated.
  10. No,no. I save my ordnance for the tanker. :smilewink:
  11. I seem to get cut pass, eased guns and ball call often. The ball call is odd when i do call the ball. The only thing that I can figure is if you don't respond to the LSO immediately/properly you get it ? The others make more sense.
  12. Typographical error correction. suPerhornet. :doh:
  13. The manuals are obsolete and/or incomplete. The stuff we find is what pilots use to learn the basics of the aircraft. Maybe there's system specific material out there but I haven't seen any yet. I'd bet there's pages the SuperHornet has that we haven't seen. The new AESA Radar is a prime example.
  14. Nothing more... Block I or II SuperHornet ? Raptor ? Lightn... ... ...
  15. CAS page would be awesome. No more changing the NATO file after every update.
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