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  1. I said "capability" not that they actually did.
  2. You're going to be waiting quite a long while then. The only variant of the 4 they are making that even had Exocet capability is the F1M, which is the last variant they are doing and the one that will take quite a bit longer due to the various newer technologies in it as opposed to the other 3 variants.
  3. Soon™ Joking aside, we don't know. Though it doesn't look like it'll be all that long before it's out.
  4. You're a bit off, it's just shy of 1 year since release(April 23rd 2021).
  5. I'll be keeping an eye on this. Color me intrigued.
  6. I'm sure there will be plenty of user made liveries as well, when the template is out.
  7. Can also confirm, removing the MB-339 mod fixed the issue for me as well.
  8. Dino said it quite plainly a month ago: When it's done, it's done. No need for worry.
  9. Dude seriously, relax. It's in ED's hands, and it'll be out when they're ready for it to be out. We all want to get it, believe me, but you need some patience.
  10. Where do you get the idea that it doesn't have the same pull? I didn't buy the Syria map primarily because it was Syria, I bought it primarily because of what types of terrain the map offered. I'm going to buy the South Atlantic for the same reason. Have you looked at the blockout of what the map is going to offer? The possibilities of the types of missions and campaigns on the South Atlantic map are going to be numerous. Hell with the increase in carrier based aircraft we're getting over the next couple of years will make this map that much more desirable(A-6, A-7, F-8[maybe even naval F-4] on top of the F-14, F/A-18, and A-4 already available).
  11. People are still going to buy whatever modules they want whenever they have the means to do so. Releasing them at the same time or at different times changes nothing. I think you'll find that quite a lot of people here buy many aircraft that overlap with each other. I own both the F-16 and the F/A-18. They both can essentially do the same things, so why didn't I just stick with one? Because I like both jets and I like to switch things up every so often. I don't exactly have hundreds of dollars laying around either, but I did buy everything I own over time by saving up. I don't get this belief that having modules come out at the same time will somehow cause people to not buy one of them? If they want both modules they'll get them. If they only want one then they'll get the one they want.
  12. I'm so down for a Fitter. Such a beautiful Soviet bomb truck.
  13. I'm not sure how new these are as I haven't really paid close attention to callsigns in the ME(I'm lazy I just plop planes down), but I assume Schilling is referring to these: F-16C has Viper, Venom, Cowboy, Lobo, Python, Panther, Rattler, Wolf, Weasel, Wild, Ninja, and Jedi. F/A-18C has Hornet, Squid, Ragin, Roman, Sting, Jury, Joker, Ram, Hawk, Devil, Check, and Snake.
  14. That teaser was fantastic, I'm so ready to fly this beautiful machine.
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