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  1. MAybe...The softeare logic "AND's" the light arg. with the landing gear Arg. since the Landing light is usually mounted on the Gear's Shaft. Not sure..just guessing
  2. Hi, If you are suggesting that Im not responding to PMs, then you should know that my PM box is 100% full, and Im not able to receive any more PMs. I don't want to delete old ones. You can always contact me on : strikemax@gmail.com Cheers.
  3. I changed host. It is fixed now. Sorry for the inconvenience. Cheers
  4. Don't worry about that. Its not a matter of not functioning, its just a preference for real time rendering/playability. Just make sure you create the lods. But technically speaking, there is no poly count constraint of les than 50k, 25k, or whatever by the game engine. I have created a 100k poly shape, and textured it just to see if the game would accept it. To my pleasant surprise the fps drop from a similar 50k object is trivial..but don't make the A10 a 100k..that was just for testing. Good luck
  5. I have a very busy week ahead, so I thought of posting the little progress of today. I won't be able to post further updates before next friday. Almost done with the Central Air brake ( the grey bottom bulge visible in the upper AC) No textures are involved yet. The quick procedural paint is just for a change ( from the boring blue material :D) And yes, I forgot to cut the 12O'clock windshield. cheers
  6. I don't think so. This is the first time I see this. VERY nice and helpful closeups. Thanks And for those who are too much concerned about the poly count, even before I finish the project , cheerup and have a good look at this: This is the 26k poly. version of the work. You can hardly spot any significant degradation in the mesh. So trust me, the whole project is under controle and the final poly count is a decision related issue. cheers
  7. re missing parts: Maybe its not so obvious in the pic, but I work only on one half of the frame, the other half is just a mirrored object. All borderline details (centreline when the 2 sides are welded) will be done only when the 2 sides are welded. Re. poly count, yes its approaching 50k but this is how i work, like my flanker, every thing at high poly, then at the optimization stage I keep the high poly for the tight curved parts like nose , cones, front edge of wing..etc, and dramatically remove polys from flat and semi flat areas. For ex. the following pic. shows a cutout of the wing/wing base. Cloned then optimized. One of the objects below is only 50% poly count of the other. ;) Finally, its Work in progress, comments are appreciated for what is done and how they should be fixed if they need to. Not for what is missing!!!!, After all if nothing is missing then the thing should be "Release" and not " Work in progress"
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