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  1. You now need a nozzle setting of 82. Also, be very conservative with the throttle once you get close to 0 velocity. Much easier to settle with power now (ie fall out of the sky).
  2. OK did a bunch more reading/testing. Problem was I was using the old nozzle setting of 72. You now need a nozzle setting of 82. Not sure if this was communicated anywhere, but I didn't find it till re reading chucks guide. Hope this helps someone out.
  3. Flappie, OK thank you for letting us know. Please be aware though that this is close to game breaking in MP. It is extremely frustrating and disorientating.
  4. do we know whether or not multicrew is a thing? (ie in multiplayer)
  5. if the countdown for cooldown/warmup of a maverick begins after you select it, the select another store (or TPOD), the timer is reset
  6. Have tried the harrier since I came back for 2.7. Understand the engine was nerfed by ~15% according to alleged real world data. Have seen this disputed though. I can accept that the engine model was off, so fine, but whatever changes you made makes it virtually impossible to hover now. Very difficult to retard forward movement regardless of fuel and store state.
  7. Even on the ground, RWR gives warnings of AI (at least i think from other players too) radar STT locks and missile launches in multiplayer.
  8. Was wondering if anyone had lubricant recommendations for the throttle ? Both throttles are getting sticky and tough to move, especially at the top ends.
  9. this is really cool. thanks for sharing. been casually looking at this stuff for a couple of years. cheers!
  10. Ok no worries. Just PM me whatever I need to do when your’e ready. @fredgun99…. Let us know what you think of it
  11. Thank you. Do you have an idea of how long the waiting list is?
  12. Can you please add me to any waiting list? Would like to purchase. From Australia.
  13. It seems whatever bomb you drop (especially american ones) only a very short distance away (maybe 5-10m) away from vehicles from WWII planes, it has no effect whatever. Is splash damage modelled in WW2 ordinance?
  14. Have we got any news on the 2000-5? I’ve been drooling over it for some time now!
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