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  1. your link to the file is not working mate!!!
  2. Thanks Iwalter, unfortunately it won't run on my iPad ( 4th Gen ) but I appreciate the help.
  3. Hi, this looks great and exactly what I was looking for. However I cannot find it in the App Store!!!! Has something changed?? Cheers SubseaUK
  4. Hi Bailey, Thank you so much for the above info mate. Fingers crossed I don't mess up the install!!!! I will let you know how it goes, keep up the great work mate
  5. Hi Bailey, I downloaded you Hind VA Profile as I have used a couple of you others which were excellent ( Keep up the great work ).However I am at a bit of a loss with the Hind Profile as you refer to DCS-Bios being needed. I have no idea what this is, is it a separate add-on or do you need to edit something in DCS and if so would this affect other modules? Any help would be greatly appreciated (also is there a guide to installing / editing this DCS_Bios??? Cheers
  6. Hi all, Firstly appologies if this has been dealt with previously or put in the wrong place!!! I have two Thrustmaster MFD surrounds and two additional monitors to suit but I am looking to try and find out the easiest / best way to send the info from the main monitor to these as would happen with A10C etc. My problem? I would like to do this with Helicopter screens such as the Gazelle, Mil, Hind and hopefully Kiowa and Apache if and when they come out. Can anyone tell me if it is possible to do this?? Many thanks K
  7. Thanks DB, I think it was you who helped me last time LoL Hi mate, I tried with the Updater but it was beyond me to get it working reliably so I now have a clean install of latest DCS. Thanks
  8. Hi Gary, looks good but I cannot see how they are connecting to DCS? Is it via USB as this is how my monitors are run at the moment. Also would be nice to know if there are any conflicts with say VoiceAttack etc? Cheers
  9. Hi guys, Hopefully the right area for this question! I have a couple of Thrustmaster MFDs fitted with Screens but I am struggling to get the aircraft MFDs to transfer to them! I thought if the aircraft in DCS had a screen then they would be transferrable to the small monitors or is this not the case?? I primarily fly choppers and would really like to get the gazelle, Hind and upcoming Apache and Kiowa out to these. Can anyone help a very inexperienced Windows user with the best way to go ( if at all possible ). Thanks Subsea
  10. Hi guys, I have been out of VR for some time now but used to have my Quest running with DCS. Now I have latest DCS version with upgraded PC including a 2080ti card I thought I would give it another go. Unfortunately I have. forgotten the start up procedure and the the Quest starts as soon as I click on DCS which does not go to full screen in the headset like it used to. ( I am sure I had to start DCS from within Quest before but no sure ). All to often I get taken to the Quest desktop which is a pain in the rear to get out off!!!! Can anyone help with this please? Thanks Kev
  11. Yep, also suffering from the "Listening Suspended" issue after reinstalling a fresh DCS Open Beta and updating Voice Attack as suggested by VA!!!! Arghhhh!!!!!! What is the solution guys?
  12. Hi, I have the latest DCS open beta version and also latest SRS and I can get the server list up in Multi-player. However I cannot connect to several of the servers listed!! They are not passworded or crowded but appear greyed out in the menu. On another one I can select it from a search and get the list of aircraft in the server but the join button appears dim and will not let me click. Yet on another I can get straight in and SRS works fine!!! I am at the pulling of hair stage at the moment, I have done a full repair, unplugged and replugged all equipment into a powered usb, undone and removed all bindings, disabled all but 1 aircraft, tried with and without SRS running!!! No difference. I don't have antivirus running and unless windows 10 is doing something screwy I don't know about!!! but how can I connect to one server and not a lot of servers I have previously been on and now cannot get to?? Any help appreciated guys. Cheers
  13. Sorted now guys, I think the problem lay with voice attack!!! I uninstalled it and the issue resolved itself!!! Cheers
  14. Apologies if this is in the wrong place!! Hi all, been using DCS for a few months now and had just started getting into multi-player online ( I fly only choppers at the moment ) so installed SRS which took some time but finally got it running. Then after a DCS update a month or so ago I started having problems where the DCS comms menu started popping open by itself aver few seconds. I removed the SRS link, I removed all the mappings within DCS for the Huey and started from scratch. This seemed to cure the automatic pop up issue but now pressing the re-assigned button for SRS brings up the DCS comms menu again and does not activate the SRS comms!!!!! I think I am slowly going mad as I can hear others on the comms but they cannot hear me and I get no indication of transmitting on the SRS. Can anyone help me please? Thanks
  15. Thanks guys, I will have another look at this tonight. I lost a lot of key bindings on the last update. :-(
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