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  1. When spawning in the back end of the Stennis, the F14 sometimes bounces vertically into the air, causing the landing gear to collapse. Its probably just a multiplayer issue, but it might be worth looking into.
  2. I can't even see my own carrier group on max gain lol
  3. Although its probably due to user error, I am completely unable to see ships using the AG radar. Is there something specific I’m supposed to mess around with in order for it to work?
  4. I can no longer take off from carriers when spawning on one. This problem didn't exist on 2.5.5
  5. AAR is near impossible in the Refuel Fight Recover mission due to several issues. In the Refuel Fight Recover mission, the tanker will accelerate, decelerate, dive, climb, and sometimes oscillate wildly without warning, sometimes clipping my nose in the process. The probe also falls out of the basket randomly when I'm flying straight and level by the tanker. This pertains more to the AAR practice mission, but I've noticed that trying to refuel with a KC-135 sometimes causes the plane to sometimes pitch up wildly without input. I know that Heatblur has done a great job simulating wake turbulence, but the oscillations I see seem to be more of a bug. It could have something to do with the probe being around a KC-135. Lastly, I'm not new to AAR, so the fact that all of these problems are occurring only with the F-14 is kind of strange, however, it could just be that my equipment is straight up garbage.
  6. Is the A-10 supposed to be really easy to bring down? Because after 10 experiments with AA vehicles, tanks, and BMPs, it seems like even a single 30 mm shell rips off a wing or tail every time.
  7. Autopilot is not available when spawning on the non-supercarrier Kuznetsov
  8. After several weeks of this bullcrap, ED still shows no intention of fixing any problems related to FC3. All missions, as well as multiplayer, are impossible to play with the Su33. I'm starting to want a refund.
  9. The Su25's top and left mirrors freeze when you look at them. EDIT: This problem is also on the Su25T, and I just realized that there is another thread of the same issue. Sorry for my ignorance.
  10. ED doesn't have much of a choice other than to make Russian equipment obsolete. Most sources on semi-modern Russian equipment are heavily censored, making it near impossible to simulate missiles and planes at their true capabilities. It is not speculation. Its real and nobody but Russia can do anything about it.
  11. ED likes making money, not fixing bugs. Russian FC3 aircraft are heavily neglected, so the chances of it ever being fixed are somewhat low.
  12. Please continue. There is a lot to be said.
  13. Following the recent update, it is now impossible to start the Su33 on a carrier unless you turn off electrical power. This makes any missions very annoying to complete. Although some have stated that this has already been reported, absolutely nothing has been done about it. Apparently, ED only has Open Beta available for fun, and doesn't actually use it to identify and fix bugs.
  14. You are completely wrong. There are sometimes mistakes in the mission editor that makes the tanker frequency different from the frequency stated in a briefing or on a custom kneeboard. Please use that empty head of yours before you criticize people in that manner.
  15. Thanks dude. I got it to work, but seeing targets other than aircraft parked in airfields are near impossible.
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