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  1. Yeah I always drive in external view for maximum sit awareness, much more fun than having to peer through the drivers vision slit all the time..:)
  2. Yeah, PS- The YU-6 torps seem to be oldfashioned "dumb" types that don't have an active acoustic seeker head, and they can't be steered either, we just have to fire them and hope they hit. I noticed in my tests earlier in this thread that in the final mile or so of their run they begin running in an S-shaped path sweeping from side to side which increases their chance of hitting.
  3. Perhaps the instructor simply means double-check to see if it's already uncaged ok.
  4. Incidentally how big is the ED development team? If they want more manpower I'm sure they could sign up volunteer (non-paid) forum members to help them with playtesting etc to speed up the DLC's release, for example I'm on the Panzer Corps 2 playtest team-
  5. The Tunguska missile is very small which is possibly why it doesn't have enough room to carry proximity-fusing sensors, unlike larger missiles like the Patriot seen below taking out an SU-25 with a proximity airburst-
  6. I've just run some tests to try to find out if the Tunguska missile has a proximity fuse, or whether it has a crush fuse that requires a direct hit. It seems to have a crush fuse. Pic 1- the AI missile seems to be right on course Pics 2 and 3- But it just misses and doesn't explode- Below- in this next test the AI missile gets a direct physical hit and blows the plane apart-
  7. Yes, Here's a video of a test I just ran against a slow-moving helo, the missile is guided by the black circle (no lock needed) and will simply fly towards the circle, so the trick is to keep the circle on the target, very difficult. I used the mouse to move the circle, you get 8 missiles, some will miss, some will cause damage, but if you're lucky one will finally kill it like here.. Tip- You can't fire another missile until the previous one expends itself by hitting the target or the ground or the sea, so if its missed the target and is flying downrange for miles, hit Backspace to free the Tunguska tracker unit, then you can fire again.
  8. Ok I watched your files, yes it's very difficult to get a hit with manual control, I couldn't do it! The guy in this tutorial video fired Tunguska missiles multiple times manually and he couldn't do it either because the missiles are SACLOS (Semi-Automatic Command Line of Sight) and are not the locking type, so they have to be steered manually, very difficult. Pick it up at 10:50 -
  9. What specific folder do I download your file into? Meanwhile I just ran this test and the AI Tunguska shot down an F-15C and an F-15E no problem..:)
  10. Each ship carries about 30 BGM-109BTomahawks.
  11. Remind us where the autopilot button is and i'll test it out..:)
  12. Incidentally i've noticed that after reaching the DP, AI aircraft will then simply land at an airfield somewhere on their own initiative.
  13. I suppose MP rules are strict so that we can't do anything that might be unrealistic.
  14. GUNFIRE TESTS Ships main guns have the following approx ranges- 12nm Pyotr Velikiy Moskva 10nm Ticonderoga Burke Perry Neustrashimy Rezky All Chinese vessels 8nm Grisha Molniya Example: A Molniya is close enough to attack a Perry with missiles AND Gunfire. (inset: shell splashes on and around the Perry)- Ship guns can also bombard any spot on land; they scatter slightly to plaster the area around the specified impact point-
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