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  1. Been having this issue for a couple days. The updater runs, and gives me a handful of error messages. I am also unable to launch the older version of the game (When I click "Later" when the updater prompt comes up) Error 1: "cant delete c:\Program Files\Eagle Dynamics\DCS World Open Beta\bin/ed_sound.dll: (5) Access is denied". This error message triggers twice. Error 2: "Cant run C:\Program Files\Eagle Dynamics\DCS world OpenBeta/bin\DCS.exe: (2) The system cannot find the file specified." It also generates 2 txt files. These have been attached to this post. autoupdate_log.txt autoupdate_templog.txt
  2. Bumping this, recent build claimed Mica had been changed. While that is true, there are still scenarios where the missile will not reach its target, even if target is non evasive. This is likely also being exasperated by a new bug where AI aircraft are not accelerating when within 50nm of a bandit, they throttle back and coast it seems. As such they launch probably .3-.5 mach slower then they should be. You can see the new Mica behavior, and the acceleration bug in this thread here:
  3. Good shout, didnt think about that. Flipped the tasking and they now all launch at the same time. Woops..... Your comment on the Mica is about spot on. A lot of the older AI only missiles seem to still not be working correctly, likely due to being on the old API or w.e. The Mig 23s R24R is a good example of this. It accelerates up to a seemingly decent speed, but then just dumps air speed like a mofo. Only goes like 8 or 9 miles before it falls out of the sky, when the Mig 23 will launch 20-30 miles out. Its far from performing the way one would expect given the R24 should be similarish to the sparrow. The Mica used to do the same thing. Its now "better", but still far from ideal. Also secondarily, ive been seeing a new bug where AI aircraft wont accelerate towards target aircraft. You can see it in this mission. Theyll go full AB, then at 50 miles theyll coast until launch. This is obviously not helping launch parameters, as the aircraft are probably .3-.5 mach slower then they should be on launch. Initial thread on Mica/R24 terrible performance (The Mica is different then what it was previously, R24 still the same). Thread about AI not accelerating at their targets
  4. I noticed this testing the MICA. When AI aircraft are set to CAP or fighter sweep, they will engage from a further distance then when they are set to intercept. The difference is quite drastic. All aircraft set to attack a single target aircraft, all have "AA missile range" set to max. Target aircraft setup to act like drones. The reason I noticed this with the MICA is that the missiles would not hit when set to CAP for Fighter sweep, they would always miss short. I believe it is still broken despite the patch notes. You can see this in the supplied mission. AI tasking.miz
  5. Discovered this when wanting to see test the performance of the Mica (BTW, patch notes mention Mica ER. No such missile exists in the sim, just the IR and RF?) Setup 2 flights say 60 or 70 NM apart, both nose hot, Target aircraft set to not react to threats, ROE weapon hold. All of the blue (shooter) aircrafts tasks deleted. "Search then engage unit" added, and "AA Missile Range" is set to max. I tested CAP, Fighter Sweep, and Intercept with identical results Blue aircraft will accelerate at max AB at mission start, and then at 50NM just coast up until they launch. . Mica Mission.miz
  6. The search bar for the user files has behaving really weirdly. It seems to work off a 2 step process. Step 1 is, when you type something into the bar, it actively finds results as a suggestion. It lists like 8 or 9 results. In then gives you "See all results" or you can hit the magnifying glass. The problem is, the results it brings up do not jive with your search at all. For example. If I search for NSAWC, the suggestions are all NSAWC skins people have made. However, when I click "see all results" or hit enter (Typical search engine <profanity>), you just get a bunch of random stuff. For example searching NSAWC the first 3 results are a clickable FC3 mod, a Bulgarian Mig 29 skin, and an Anime F15 skin. In addition, none of the files that were suggested in the drop down even appeared in the search.
  7. Really cool to see this. Ive been tinkering with trying to make the AI do pop up stuff with the aerobatics a bit, but that was all thru triggers and was a bitch to setup and didnt work well. Seems doing it thru scripting gets you much better results. Do you think something similar could work with AI for air to air attacks as well? Ive been playing with the idea of using the aerobatics to make the AI give different threat presentations. Its just an absolute cluster to try and setup with a bunch of triggers, I would think a script would likely simplify this?
  8. If you hold TDC down for a couple seconds the radar will follow the cursor around.
  9. Hi, im tinkering with cockpit arguments just wanting to know what all is possible. At the moment all I am trying to do is setup a trigger that displays a message when a user pulls the trigger. In the F18, the problem I am having is that almost none of the F18 Stick arguments function in any way. A couple work, like the weapon release/pickle button, and I can easily set the trigger to work with those. However, I cant make the majority work like the trigger (Argument 479), the weapon selector, (481), ETC. Ive tried a bunch of combos of minimum values and nothing works. One thing to note, in the clickabledata.lua in Notepad ++, all of those arguments im having issues with are commented out (A -- at the start of every line). Is this why they don't work? Are these not even arguments but rather something else entirely like cockpit parameters instead? Second, looking at the F16 clickabledata.lua there seems to be nothing regarding the HOTAS in anyway. Is there any reason for this? And third what in the world does "Avionics Plugin" mean? I cant find any reference to this anywhere. I have tried google and forum searches, the mission editor manual doesnt mention it from what I can see, nor does the decade old A10 cockpit argument document. thanks for any help!
  10. Sorry, didnt mean to imply the AMRAAM/R27 were also bugged. I was more using that as an example that the AI are launching these long range missiles (Phoenix, R33, R40) at the same range of the medium range missiles (R27, Aim 120) and in some cases theyre launching the medium range missiles from further out
  11. This issue persists across multiple aircraft with multiple missiles. I first noticed this when messing around with 1v1 engagements and the AI would only launch on me around the time I was hitting Rmax for an AMRAAM shot (That was hornet vs Tomcat and Mig 31). I setup a few test missions, and ALL of the long range platforms are not taking shots past around 30 nautical miles. The setup is simple: Both shooter and target aircraft are set at 32,000 feet and max speed. Target aircraft I have tested are fighters but most notably large, fast aircraft such as B1, TU22, TU160 ETC that these jets were basically built to obliterate. Target aircraft are set to not attempt to evade in any way Simply put, these are juicy parameters and F14s should be shooting ~100NM Aim 54s at these targets, and I am sure the Mig 31 and Mig 25 would be able to take some long shots with this setup as well. But, all 3 aircraft all launch at basically the same point, 30 nautical miles. A keynote as well, is the heatblur Phoenix will not launch at all. Only the old phoneix from the original AI F14 launches I also tested a couple other aircraft. The F15 shoots an AMRAAM at 40 Nautical miles, The Mirage 2000 a Super 530 at about 32NM, A J11 launches an R27ER at about 30nm as well. I have attached the mission file and a track file below Long Range Missile Test.miz Long Range Track.trk
  12. Dont think so without using the mission editor, the jump to push time technically starts a whole new mission file, and it immediately load it as opposed to letting you go through and see the planner and such
  13. Just played the "Overwhelming Force" F16 mission. In it a flight of Belgian F16-A MLUs were supposed to launch JSOWs and they got oddly hung up on their jets. Same thing as this bug, but its not just the F15E: I have a track file but the forum wont let me upload it saying the file is too large. F
  14. It seems to be an issue with Heatblurs phoenix's in particular. If you try the old F14 AI model it launches just fine, A similar bug existed where the AI wouldnt launch long range before the last build, but they would still launch.
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