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  1. On the CBU-97, and CBU-105 they are alle there, and each skeet is animated being ejected and seeking from the submunition, hell the entire deployment sequence is animated correctly from split, to the rocket ignition and spinup to skeet release, even selfdestruction of skeet not finding targets are there.
  2. I am fairly certain I count more than 40 submunition explosions going off, If the skeet does not detect a target under it's footprint it will detonate on contact with the ground (At least from what data I have read on the CBU-97, and it is far from certain all skeets will detect targets, even under the most ideal circumstances.
  3. The CBU-97 in DCS deploys the 10 submunitions, and it does then eject the four skeets per submunition as it should, it is animated nicely as well.
  4. If the OHP is not inactive you will never get inside your own weapons envelope of the frigate, S-24 would probably be the most damaging weapon, bombs as well, but good luck getting into position, the OHP had SM-1 (SM-2 in DCS) 76mm gun, 20mm Phalanx and finally 12,7mm guns, also warships rarely sail alone.
  5. Flaps must have gotten damaged, overspeed probably. Been there done that.
  6. That was quite the raw delightful gem of an interview. Absolutely the best so far.
  7. Definitely not the same Warhead as the SLAM have a 488 pond warhead, HARM a 143 pound fragmentation warhead. SLAM is for priority targets, the other for rendering radars inoperable, completely different usage and warhead selection.
  8. In the logbook, under USN squadrons you have a VF-71 Bedevillers that shouf be VF-74. Nitpicky, but that is just me -Staffan
  9. Cockpit is the same, but you have to configure controls for the CW version seperately, they are two different entities in the sim. (I think due to FM differences)
  10. As stated, that is a travelpod, theya re actually available for the A-10C in DSC, anf they are used for amongst other things lobster runs.
  11. You should never carry Pallets alone on the rear tunnel points, There is several hard rules to loadout, to carry pallets in the tunnel you need to have all four, or just the front two mounted.
  12. They are all removeable except the wingtip rails. give the groundcrew time to get it done if you are doing it after entering the cockpit
  13. Here is a CBU-97 drop, 2000ft level, CCIP 450 kts NSTL fuzing. no issues what so ever.
  14. Try actually going into the DED and set laser code to 1688. I do and mine hits everytime unless I do something silly such as mask the pod, or lase to late.
  15. I drop CBU-97 from 1000ft or less, and 450kts or more, that way you get a very long dispersal pattern
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