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  1. Puma

    One (1) Developer

    Indeed I don’t think that ED realizes they control the assignment of developers. Somehow just saying that a developer was re-assigned is not a good look since someone inside the organization decided to re-assign him in the first place. I respect complexities of limited resources, but I think they would gain more respect by being honest that the project was deprioritized versus other modules.
  2. Sorry I’m late to this. The dcs-bios arduino flightpanels fork has a solution where one pin can control both a cover and a switch and does the sequencing for you. https://github.com/DCSFlightpanels/dcs-bios-arduino-library For example: // A switch that has a cover in DCS that must be opened before the switch itself can be activated DcsBios::SwitchWithCover2Pos pltLaunchbarAbort("PLT_LAUNCHBAR_ABORT", "PLT_LAUNCHBAR_ABORT_COVER", 6);
  3. Enable control reference (rctrl+enter) and make sure you aren’t having an axis or binding issue?
  4. Is this the mode where if you now slave all to spi, you can get your tgp to track your gun predicted point of impact?
  5. TAD hook and HMCS hook have always been separate as far as I know. I have intentionally hooked different symbols in tactical situations months ago.
  6. Is there any additional information required to have this at least looked at?
  7. I have also experienced this a couple times in dozens of flights, under very similar conditions (mission file). I support your theory that it relates to trim, but have no conclusive evidence to add yet. 100% confident there is an issue in here somewhere though.
  8. In pit, CMSP on in STBY. Right click DISP switch. Observe switch stays up/on as long as right click is held and observe the CMSP display shows the settings of the current program. Release RMB. Observe the switch returns to center and the CMSP display continues to show the settings of the current program, allowing you to the set the SET + NXT to make adjustments. All good so far. Now, bind a keystroke to CMSP DISP Menu and repeat the test above. Observe that when releasing the keystroke, the switch returns to center but the CMSP display also returns. Thus to make adjustment to the program, one must hold the DISP keybind down while making changes. The keybind and the cockpit mouse binding to the same switch should have the same effect.
  9. TO1A-10C does have the warning clause “Aerodynamic blowback may not fully retract the flaps”, so it seems fair that DCS chose to model partial blowback. It likely should be a function of airspeed rather than initial flap position, but it can’t be said its “wrong” as it stands. Fun bit of trivia to have discovered, thank you.
  10. My bet is leftover wake effect from -1 landing ahead of you. As -2, adjust your aim point 1000' down the runway (assuming you have enough runway of course).
  11. TO 1A-10C-1, 2 APR 2012, pg 1-319
  12. In real, vhf fm guard is 40.5. Not sure if thats true in DCS though. Monitoring simple radio may give a hint? Selecting EMER will also transmit on that radio’s guard freq.
  13. FWIW, Looking at the few references to suites in the 2012 -1, the arc-210 actually proceeded suite 5, but obogs was in before suite 6, so that makes me think suite 5 is the closest match?
  14. It is an observed behaviour that from level flight, the radar altimeter switches to XXXXR at approximately 35 degrees of bank in either direction. Comparing to the publicly available A-10C -1, this is not the correct behavior. The -1 states that above 3,000’, if the pitch is +- 35 degrees, then the radalt should function up to +120 degrees of bank in either direction. If pitch is 35-50 degrees, only +-15 bank is tolerated. Beyond 50 pitch behaviour is undefined. Below 3000’ its actually better, with less than 45 degrees of pitch providing 120 degrees of bank, and 45-60 pitch allowing 15 of bank. Page 1-69 for the original wording.
  15. Were your fire handle still out? If so that starves fuel to whatever is out, so maybe your apu and right engine handles were pulled?
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