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  1. UV-57 RV-5 Radar Altimeter shows same above ground height regardless of the aircraft bank angle.
  2. We would need somthing like the JTAC radio menu for A-10C. That enables signing im, and two way communication.
  3. Hi, Any plans for GCI implementation in the future? I mean proper GCI not the AWACS BRA clone thet ground EWR-s have now, but GCI as a comanding function with features like: - Comanding the interceptor on an intercept course calculated from target's and interceptors position, velocity and vector. - Assigning different interceptor groups for different targets. GCI group could be assigned with several interceptor groups they can launch or redirect - Ability to handle target clusters "formations" not just individual targets. - Separate phases of intercept: Launching Closing (for calculated intercept point) Homing (Relative comands to the interceptor like turn left 10°, climb 1000m) Handing over (Interceptro confirms the founding of target, identification, kill command) Returning - Nice to have: EWR Radars from the Era P-10, P-12 I think we all agree that the MiG-19P is desinged for operations strictly under GCI, leaving out this component would be an achilles heel to this module.
  4. Once you stop on ground which is not ship, FARP, runway or object the langing gear get stuck in "mud" and you cannot roll even if you have 100% trust. Of course you can VTOL, but you can't taxi on ground. This behaviour is familiar with airplanes, but helicopters like Mi-8 or Ka-50 can taxi on ground anywhere. This shall be applied to the AV-8B as well because you can select to take of from ground anywhere on the map. Imagine to be deployed on an improvised airstrip on the ground and you want to taxi out to a near road to perform STOL because you are to heavy for VTOL. You can't do this in current bulid because onece the AV-B is stationary you cannot move.
  5. 9-Line is already implemented by default and works great with the default JTAC system provided by DCS since A-10C came out years ago. Also it has full audio support and great interaction with JTAC. It will take a lot of time to recreate that in a mission script and by the end of the day you will got the same results. So it is easier to define JTACs in the mission editor it self, they will see the same targets as our script does because this script uses the built in detection mechanism. MGRS input can only be used by A-10C at the moment (not sure is Gazelle can do that...) while LAT LONG is available for any plane in DCS using either the F10 map or the Kneeboard if you can read maps. We try to bring back some older planes to into the game (especially online) like L-39ZA, MiG-21, Su-25A, F-5E and A-10A which have hard time to search for their targets. That is why the current approach if the plane have a compass you can reach the target zone and if you can spot a smoke on the ground you'll have your target. However we also think about visual referencing points (hills, towns, rivers) to implement and restrict the smoke marking on targets to be available in a certain range (artillery or MLRS)
  6. Please keep in mind all you see is work in progress. Current SEAD task aims only to use of anti radiation missiles to destroy your targets. In the future it will evolve with some more features against IR SAM and AAA-s Threat level also in the proof of concept stage. There are lot of scales you can measure threat of a hostile unit or activity, initially threat to airplanes and helicopter was chosen to be present at the alpha. As HQ logic will evolve threat level might considered in different ways as well.
  7. Lovely, nice adition to Coop missions as well. This will save me a lot of time with balancing. What I really like about your work that it is well documented and easy to get the hang of it with minimal knowledge to programing. Well done!
  8. How do you hand over the controls to the back/front seat? I try to find relevant control group but without luck yet.
  9. Totally agree, Pakistan used F-86F-s against India mainly in ground attack role. And a drawing: Also South Africa equiped thme with french weapons:
  10. I think I can give this one a shot, I used to make quite a few Su-25A skins a year or two ago, not to mention the template for the old model with cooperation of Star80. You can check out Jack's and mine earlier works here: http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=54865 Also I need some things: - Color definition for grey, green, and sky colors. - Squardon logos who used this F-5 pattern or the grey-green F-104, decal, possible nosearts, and more photos possibly form all sides of these F-5s of grey-green F-104. - The tiny text decals will remain russian at first, if someone could help translate them to english that would be appriciated.
  11. Does canada have some kind of ground attack camo from post war, like on F-5s or something? Or even attack heli pattern?
  12. Actually you can set these needles to anywhere you want in the real Su-25. One common use is to set these needles to match waypoint speed. Mostly because waypoint flying in ground attack planes requires to TAS and not IAS. As you can set the needles in the around the IAS ring (and do the math before take off) it is easy to check if you're going with the required speed in the predefined altitude. The needles are colored for a reason, so you can easily remember what you set on them. Also you can set it to any desired speed like, economy cruise, max combat speed (depend on you loadout) etc. It is strongly advised that you set these needles before takeoff, due to these needles are hard to set when you have your flight gloves on, usually set with finger nails. Su-25A is fitted with KUS-2 (Кус-2) or KUS-3 (Кус-3) combined IAS/TAS gauge. The two versions have more or less the same front panel. Here are some pictures to explain this better. KUS-3 (Кус-3):
  13. Hi, I'm new to Mist but used to play around a lot with SL Mod, form my taste it was more noob freindly. I would like to start it out easy but I think I cannot understand properly the guide: " mist.msgMGRS string mist.msgMGRS (table vars) vars has the following recognized fields (required entries in blue, optional in green): { units = table UnitNameTable, acc = number accuracy, displayTime = number displayTime, msgFor = table recipients, text = string text, }" This is what I would like to use first. I tried to substitute values to my needs and came out with this one in a do script action. mist.msgMGRS { units = {P1}, acc = 6, displayTime = 25, msgFor = {coa = {'all'}}, } It obviously don't work but I don't know why. Can someone help me out? Thank you! P1 is the name of a singel unit I would like to get info of.
  14. Well the answer to that question is searched among Su-25A pilot like the Holly Grail. The good news is that there are many good ways to hunt IR Sams down, the bad news is that you have to know what are you facing. In order to kill them with as ease as possible you have to master the knowledge about them and keep your knowledge updated. Some tricks might not work after patches... but there is some similarities that might help, which aplies for all of them. If you can exploit these "weaknesses" you can easily get into kill range with any of them relatively fast. Good to know facts: - IR missiles always follows you never got a lead for their target (or atlease the lead is very limited, due to they don't receive data from external sources). Way to exploit: high traverse speed. Also the fact that they have to increase their traverse speed when they close up on you gives you a higher chance to overshoot. - IR missiles have a short accelerating time and large smoke trail. Way to exploit: Make them do as much climing as possible when they run out of juice, never pull down your plane against an IR missile, to evade. You can get speed from diving but regain your climbing tendency as soon as possible. Make them perform high G turns in order to loose their momentum as soon as possible. Easiest way to do this is to dive towards them and when they run out of juice or get close (less then a km) climb and brake left or right violently. In this case you will evade the first missile 95%. After this you have to level your plane or dive to gain speed to evade the second missile they have for you :) But their launching distance will be shortend due to you are not closing any more. - Deploy flares and "fly throught them" from the missiles point of view. It is hard to explain what I mean by that but I give it a try. Missile system present in DCS have not IR image creation mechanism, to put it a simple way they follow the heat blur arround you. when you deploy flares you brake this heat blur because in the Su-25A it is launched upwards and it stick out for your original blur, howver when you dive towards the missile the previously launched flares falls behind you and apears in the bottom section of your original blurr. So best way to deploy flare agains them is to replace your blur with the flares blur. To do that dive towards the launched missiles, than grab your stick and pull up, in that moment release flares rapidly (8-16) and lower your engine throtle to lower your heat signiture, turn left or right and add power. In this case the missile will see flares heading towards it and you will be a smaller signiture in their upper left or right corner. I don't really know that this is coded in DCS or not but seems to work very well. - All weapon systems in DCS have a reaction time. Way to exploit, Stay hidden as far as possible, (ground cover, high dive). You might get a chance to release your payload befor they even spot you, especially works well in mountain region. Theres is only one way to kill SAMs in the first pass using Su-25A: - You have to know the EXACT location of your enemy. Kh-25ML will be your best choice, because it have stand of range to any IR SAMS. Fast accurate and you can launch it from great distance. Keep in mind once you've launched the misslie you don't have to dive towards your enemy straith up. The Klen-PS laser traget designator / rangefinder have about 30° lower hemisphere coverage. To exploit this: aim, launch your missile and pull up a the plane the way you loose your chrosshair on the bottom of the ASP-17. Don't level your plane because it is to much, just place it to the bottom when you just barely can't see it any more (or just a little form the top section fo the chrosshair). Turning left or right is not realy recommended. With this you've decreased your enemy's launching distance. Obviously do not use this technique against moving targets. Beside the best choice, you can allways use other weapons like S-25OF, S-13OF, or S-8OFP2. Go for HE-Frag rockets because IR SAM ar poorly armored. Good for mooving and still targests as well. Using bombs have limited succes rate in this business. Use atleast 2 FAB-500 with CCRP to get the best result as possible, but it is not recomended, because unguided rockets are much more flexible in most combat load / situation for Su-25A. If you suspect there is SAMs in the area: - Probe the defence with fast dives. Decision where to pull up is up to you, keep in ming that this technique is most efective when you are starting from 4000-4500 m and don't go bellow 2000m. When probing AAA dive to ground level. It is best to not do this maneuver alone because you can get a missile up on your six when you've turned back from the observed area without a notice. If you do this in pairs do in with 180° overlap. If a missile is launched uppon you when you perform the diving, remember the above mentioned weaknesses of closing missiles. Also try to remember the place you've shot uppon. Best to use landmarks, or pop som orange S-8TsM marker rockets to define a stable point. Always do the probing from the same headding when you use smoke to define a fix point. Also a human JTAC is the best choice to mark you target. - Probe the defence with fast ground following flight. This technique have to be performed in pair. There is no way you will spot or memorise a location that you've shot uppon. Get yourself as low as possible, IR-SAMs will launch uppon you because they have no lower limit of launch. By fling fast and low you will have great ammount of traverse speed and chanche for ground cover. The harder task will be for your wingmen to spot the targets and destroy them is if possible. Easy and fun to do :) - If you up against few number of SAMs which have 4 or less missiles you can "shoot out" them. Provocate a launch and get a plan to avoid the missiles. They usually fire two at you. After they depleeted their missiles they are just sitting duck. This tactic good about 3 or less SAMS in one place, Avangers are basically off limit or must be only one to get this done in reasonable time. If you have no idea that an IR SAM is in the area: You're up to Lady Luck. One more thing to add: You don't have to destroy IR SAMs at all to comple a mission succesfully. You either can fly low and fast and hit your targer form surprise or, stike high to avoid them to shoot at you. I prefer the second one because hiting a target form low angle and have barely no time to aim is very dificult and depends much on luck. Requires exact knowledge about your tartget. Good against stationary targets but useless in unknow environment. From striking high you can achive great succes agains most of the targets, get into CCRP bombing, or 3+km rocket runs. Don't spare your ammunition because you might not survive enuogh time to depoly them. Killing 6-7 vehicles with 40*S-13 launched at the same time is better then kill 2 with precise shots and get shot down in low altitude. Remember that the plane is designed basically to be az aerial artillery: Strike fast, large area, and with awesome firepower. Then relocate as fast as possible. It is might be not as rewarding as crusing for 1+ hour in an A-10 over the target area for some... but I enjoy it very much.
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