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  1. This option moves the entire Saved Games folder to a new location, so if you have other games that store game info in that file, those will be moved, as well. Not a bad thing if you're out of room. Right click on "Saved Games", select Properties, then the Location tab & change the path to your new drive. I'm not sure how to move only the DCS file if that's all you want moved, so hopefully someone else can help with that.
  2. I'm just getting into DCS, so I ordered the Thrustmaster TFRP, myself. While the Crosswinds & VKB set look like excellent options, I didn't want to spend $300+ on a set, at the moment. If these cheap rudders work for a year or so, and I'm still really into DCS at that time, I'll consider spending the money on a better set. Same goes for my joystick... I got an X56 to start, but I'll upgrade in a year or so if I'm still heavily into the game.
  3. If you're comfortable doing it yourself, there are lots of tutorials & info available on building your own. I picked up a PS3 Eye, IR LEDs, resistors & a couple of battery cases for less than $30 (all from Ebay). Spent an afternoon assembling a hat & modding the cam and I have a perfectly working tracking system. I'm using Opentrack for the software. This is my first head tracking system, so I can't say how it compares to TrackIR, but I'm very happy with the results and it works exactly as I expected. If you're interested, I'd be happy to share all of the links & info I have.
  4. Thanks for the tip about the "Downloads" folder. I'm new to the game and found that my folder was close to 12 GB. Had leftovers from a few planes, but mainly the maps that I bought. I moved the file first, just to make sure there would be no problems removing them, but the game works perfectly, so I can now delete them. Hmm, now I have room for more modules...
  5. Grim Reapers has some informative videos on Youtube that helped me understand the various stick & throttle settings. He uses an X56, so hopefully not too different from your X52. Here's one on the P-51:
  6. I believe that to use the easy settings, you need to make sure that "Game Flight Mode" is turned on in Settings, under the Gameplay tab.
  7. I just did a separate install for the Open Beta, myself. After some research, I decided a separate install was the best route, as I only intend to use the OB to mess about with the F-16C & Supercarrier. I have a slow DL speed, so upgrading & downgrading my main install didn't seem wise. I copied the stable DCS folder and upgraded that using SkateZillas excellent guide. I used the command line, so can't comment on his updater tool. My stable DCS install is 155 GB, and the open beta install is 176 GB. There are also stable & beta folders in my Saved Games file, and each is currently at 500MB.
  8. I'm in the same boat with ageing eyes, and I bought a set about six months ago to use with a couple of non-flight sim games that require lots of keyboard commands. I find them to be incredibly useful, but I haven't set them up for DCS yet (still waiting for my HOTAS). The software is excellent, so mapping keys to them is quite easy. As SVgamer72 said, they only come with cardboard inserts that simulate a display. There is a set that you can write on, or you can cut or print your own & swap them out for whatever games you play. I know that doesn't really answer your question about using them for DCS, but I thought I'd share my experience with them.
  9. Thanks everyone. It seems Enemy Within 3.0 is the winner. I'll definitely be playing the included campaigns, but thought I'd grab some DLC while the sale is on. I appreciate the help.
  10. I see that there are a few campaigns for the A-10C and I was wondering if any of them stand out above the others or should be avoided altogether. I'm looking at The Enemy Within, Stone Shield and the 16-2 Red Flag campaigns. I've decided to start with the three training campaigns from Maple Flag Missions, but thought I'd grab one of the above mentioned campaigns to start once I finish training. I understand training will take time, but I have an abundance of that currently. Any thoughts/recommendations would be appreciated.
  11. I'm using it in the most up-to-date stable version without problems. Admittedly, all I've been doing is learning to fly & navigate and haven't done anything complex, so there may be problems that I haven't yet discovered. It is a blast to fly, though.
  12. How about the A-4E? I'm new to DCS so my opinion isn't worth much, but from what little I've played, it seems well done and it's free. Here's a vid from Grim Reapers on where to get it and how to install it: Perhaps someone with more experience can compare this module to the others that have been recommended so far.
  13. Thanks for the advice, guys. I'm more interested in the Pacific Theater than the European, and the Corsair is my favorite WWII fighter (watched too much Baa Baa Black Sheep as a kid), but the Pacific map and Corsair seem to be a ways off. I was not aware a P-47 was coming to DCS. I just read some posts about it, and that is a far more interesting plane than the Mustang. I guess I need to decide if I grab the Mustang for a sweet price, or wait for the Jug. I'll give the Mustang a try next week with the free trial and decide then. I'll definitely grab Normandy and the Assets pack while the sale is on, though, as getting the P-47 when it comes out is a certainty.
  14. I'm new to DCS, so forgive me if this is in the wrong spot, as I don't see a specific section/post for discussing the Corsair. I've been thinking about purchasing a WWII module, specifically the Mustang, but since reading about the upcoming Corsair, I decided I'd much rather have it than the Mustang. There's always the TF-51D to scratch my warbird itch until the Corsair comes out. How long do announced modules usually take to appear in the game? Being new, I have a lot to keep me busy until this comes out, but a general time frame would be nice (six months, a year, or more).
  15. You make a really good point. I'm generally into SP games/missions and I don't see myself getting into multiplayer for a very long time, if at all, so those missions will be valuable to me. That's definitely something to consider, especially since the plane is so cheap. I appreciate the suggestion.
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