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  1. Sorry, didn't see this before. You need to run ASWScriptConfig.lua before you run ASWScript.lua.
  2. OV-10A Mission: Silkworm Island OV-10A_Silkworm_Island.miz 103.28 kB · 0 downloads Control naval gunfire against Iranian Silkworm missile sites in the 1987 Persian Gulf during the Tanker War. Demo for the Call Artillery Script:
  3. Silkworm Island OV-10A_Silkworm_Island.miz Mission for the OV-10A Bronco Mod. Control naval gunfire against Iranian Silkworm missile sites in the 1987 Persian Gulf during the Tanker War.
  4. This script will allow you call and correct artillery fire using the F10 radio-menu. Works with every aircraft and can control tube artillery, rocket artillery, mortars and naval guns. MP compatible. Demo mission: CallArtilleryScriptDemo.miz How to play: All functions are accessed with your radio-menu in the sub-menu F10>Fire Support. 1. Call for Fire: a) Select the name of the battery you want to to request a fire mission from. Then select the type of fire mission: I) Fire for Effect calls a full artillery barrage right away. II) Adjust Fire will initially fire single rounds for you to spot and correct placement, with a full Fire for Effect following when all position corrections are done. b) Next you have to provide the target position as a 6 digit MGRS coordinate (100 m precision). You have two options to enter this: I) From Map Marker: Select the coordinates taken from existing map markers. If you add a new map marker only at this point, you have to select Refresh List first. II) Manual Grid Entry: Manually enter the coordinate through the radio-menu. Requires 3 discreet entry steps due to the way DCS does the radio menus. First step is to enter the MGRS grid letters (e.g. GC or UV etc.). The grid you are currently in and all 8 grids surrounding it are automatically available for selection. Second step is to enter MGRS east coordinate in 3 digits (100 m precision). Third step is to enter the MGRS north coordinates in 3 digits (100 m precision). To find out MGRS coordinates on the F10 map you can switch the coordinates system display to MGRS using Alt+Z. c) Request the number of rounds for the Fire for Effect phase (Adjust Fire will always fire single rounds first). 2. Fire Mission: The battery will process your call for fire. If the battery is alive, has ammo and the target is within minimum and maximum range of the battery, the fire mission will proceed. If the battery has less ammo available than requested, it might inform you of a reduction of the number of rounds. Once the battery fires the first round, it will call "shot". 5 seconds from impact of the first round, the battery will call "splash", giving you warning to observe it. 3. Adjustment phase: a) You can request north/south and east/west adjustments in meters of the impact position and ask to follow up with either another Adjust Fire (single round) or Fire for Effect (full fire mission). b) If the last round was an adjust fire and you are happy with the placement, you can directly request Fire for Effect on this position. c) Repeat will repeat the last salvo. Useful when doing adjust fire and you were unable to spot the impact, or to repeat a fire for effect when the target was not fully destroyed. d) End Mission will end the current fire mission, freeing the battery to receive requests from other participants. 4. Cancel Request/Check Fire/End Mission: You can end a fire mission at any point, freeing you and the battery for new requests. The only exception is a Check Fire call after the first rounds have been fired. The battery will cease fire immediately, but the adjustment phase will still be entered once the rounds land that are already in the air. How to set it up in your own missions: 1. Run CallArtilleryScript.lua with either a Do Script or Do Script File trigger. 2. Run the following function with a Do Script trigger for each aircraft (Forward Observer) you want to be able to call artillery missions: AddFO("UnitName") For multiplayer, make sure that all forward observers are in a separate group. 3. Run the following function with a Do Script trigger for each ground/ship group (Fire Support) you want to be able to provide artillery missions: AddFS("GroupName", {3, 6, 12}) The second function argument is a table with salvo sizes that is available for this FS. In this example you could request 3, 6 or 12 round salvos from this group. You can put in up to 10 different options for selectable salvo sizes of your choosing. Ideally they should make sense depending on the type and number of artillery systems in your FS group. If you do not want to deal with available salvo sizes, you can leave the second argument nil and a standard selection will be given automatically: AddFS("GroupName") Note that FS requires the group name while FO requires unit name. You can add artillery, rocket artillery, mortar and ship groups. FS groups should be equipped with homogeneous artillery unit types and these units must be the first units in the group. You can add non-artillery unit types (command, logistics, air defense etc.) after the artillery in the same group. 4. To get the beep sound on each radio message, add beep.wav to your mission using a Sound to All trigger (or any other sound trigger). 5. Tips: Setting your artillery units skill to excellent will decrease time between request and shot. It will also make fire more accurate. Beware of having ammo trucks in your artillery groups for reloading. After having spent just a couple of rounds, units will start to restock ammo. These units will not open fire for fire at point tasks received while reloading even after reloading is complete. This seems to be a DCS bug. The script will reset after a couple of minutes with the artillery not opening fire to clear this problem. If you want to reload artillery groups, it might be better to drive up ammo trucks at specific points for a short duration and then drive the ammo trucks away again. Groups that are performing artillery missions will skip over regular tasks they may subsequently get when reaching waypoints. This may happen for example with a ship skipping over a Switch Waypoint task for doing a waypoint loop. I hope you find this interesting and have fun. CallArtilleryScript.lua Right-click and save as beep.wav: beep.wav
  5. Fantastic news. I couldn't be happier with the 1989 IDS. For me this is what the Tornado stands for. As far as I know, Marineflieger IDS used HARM as anti-ship missile. According to the SIPRI arms transfer database, Germany received a batch of 944 AGM-88 between 1987 and 1992. So I guess HARM is on the table.
  6. I managed to get a decent loft profile for Walleyes by carefully tuning a ton of parameters. It basically also works for bombs but because they lack the glide range of the Walleye, the aircraft basically ends up over the target the same as with a level release. A steeper loft angle would be better for bombs, but the Walleye profile is the most that is possible with the AI. Keep in mind that this is not a native DCS feature but basically exploiting existing AI routines to the most extend possible.
  7. MBot

    ASW Script

    Frankly I have no idea, the acoustics physics stuff is way above my comfort level. When I originally made the script, I just made something up that resulted in gamplay that resembled other games I have played.
  8. Sure. It's nothing fancy really, I just threw this together quickly. Bronco_Tarawa.miz
  9. I love the OV-10A. The mod is quite fun. There is still some room for improvements, but a very nice start. Thanks a lot to the developers.
  10. This original issue is still unresolved. On subsequent orders to switch from PDSTT to PSTT (or vice-versa), Jester will acknowledge the command but not actually do it.
  11. I did some tests with the AIM-54A against supersonic Backfires coming in at a slight 20° angle. Here is a little tidbit I found that some might find useful. In TWS, centering the T will point you right at your target (group). Firing the Phoenix in this orientation against a target with aspect will result in the missile doing a slight dogleg with the terminal engagement happening from an odd angle. If you engage in PD-STT though, centering the T will put you on an intercept course. The missile will fly out straight as well, doing a pretty straight intercept and seems to engage the target with more energy in the terminal phase. I experimented a bit and found in this particular situation that firing the first missile in PD-STT at around 80-100 NM (from 40'000k at M1.2+) on an intercept course and continuing on this course, got me a good hit with the target still at around 30 NM. Being fast with Jester, this put me in an excellent position for a follow up salvo in TWS on the other bombers in the group at around 25-20 NM. At this range the resolution of a bomber group is a lot better in TWS with little chances of track mixing/dropping. With this tactic I got a lot of 4/4 kills, while the tactic of engaging bombers in a group in TWS subsequently at maximum range as soon as individual targets became visible resulted in a lot of misses due to track corruption.
  12. Yes, that is exactly the problem.
  13. I may have been a little imprecise with the term splash. In addition to the splash call (when a missile hits), Jester is also making kill calls ("Bandit is going down"). These are clearly linked to the unit "dead" state that is logged by the game. So Jester is aware when bandit is killed. As such it should be very easy to exclude own-speed and position calls on bandits which are logged by the game as dead (and which Jester has already called out as dead). Frankly this seems more like a simple bug to me rather than a Jester improvement.
  14. Still love the wonderful and beautiful Forestall. Just wanted to float this idea again of optimizing the parking positions adjacent to the island and to add additional "overflow" spawn points at the stern of the ship (in the landing area) to accommodate larger launch events.
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