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  1. I just discovered this machine called "Bailey". I'm retired and don't do a "whole" lot, but there isn't any way I'd have time to do all of these profiles! I'm guessing you drink a lot of Red Bull or just pop a lot of No Doze. (Caffeine tabs, maybe?) I'm going to have to sell some pop bottles for you. Thanks for your ambitions!
  2. I don't agree with this OP's impression that was stated. It's not like there are no other flight simulators or programs that probably fit the stated desires and I have never been impressed by the notion's of people who are going to "take their ball and go home" especially, if they can drag a lot of players with them. We all have volition and most do not try to influence others. Or maybe my impression of the OP's intent is completely "misunderstood".
  3. "force trim release" is the button your looking for.
  4. I can see that all involved were not opposed to post on this "forum". Gee, if that was the only problem we had.
  5. This is an "age-old" scenario.... damned if you do and damned if you don't. It's always the same. Do one thing and you should've done it the other way. Nothing ever changes. Never can everyone be happy.
  6. Ahhh! Jane's Longbow, absolutely loved escorting a tank brigade from point A to B.
  7. But if you notice, the pilots in lower picture are all sitting up straight, not laid back in seat like your top example pic.
  8. I'd have to say MI-24, it's honestly got the feel of weight that it should have. It's monstrous and if you learn to fly it, you feel that you've accomplished something. Just hovering around the pad is satisfying. I've got them all and I just simply fell in love with the 24.
  9. You stated that you, yourself, had troubles in the past running multiple versions. So that might continue for you. I have run (quite a while ago) 3 versions and all had there own save game folders. From memory I remember having to do some editing in the registry. (something about each install being named beta, release and stable)
  10. I think shaders are automaticly deleted now. I checked the saved games FXO folder and they were all dated today, (before 1st 2.7 startup) * Unless I deleted them a few days ago, getting ready for the Big Patch.
  11. Yes, since the beggining of DCS history, and I STILL am not sure of it. Thats why I searched out this thread. Some day I will remember that it's backwards.
  12. Remember the "Magic" of going into a game store and seeing a new MICROPROSE title?! Janes Longbow, loved escorting tanks, providing cover in the Apache.
  13. Who said, "not much is being fixed" ? This patch is a marvelous "catch up"!
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