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  1. I hope AMD can continue Strong. For DCS you should go with an Intel build. I know it sucks, more money but its worth it. Im getting along just fine for my needs and my computer is 15 months old. i2500k and use a ssd cache drive and a p8z68 at least. FLYS!
  2. 8 core bulldozer didn't get us anywhere did it? These games thrive on and just need 4 cores. An AMD 6 for example would do nothing to help. Look up some info about it. Generally gamers have stuck with 4 cores, the software is written for it. 6 and 8 cores cause other benefits. None for DCS.
  3. I was going to build a 1090t but so glad I went with an 2500k instead. See my config. Go with a Cache drive SSD set up until SSD tech drives get cheaper and better. My HDD is very SSD like. Very fast boot ups and performance.
  4. I don't like how sometimes FC3 will crash after completing the campaign mission.
  5. I think this card does a great job http://hothardware.com/News/ZOTAC-Releases-GeForce-GTX-560-Ti-And-560-Ti-AMP-Edition-Cards/ 560ti AMP the 680 is 50 MHz faster on the cpu and 2000mhz faster ram memory clock. Im not that impressed.
  6. A 4870 would be good on paper, its a 256 bit bus card too but I had one and you need a good 700 watt PSU. Look on AMD website. They list what PSU units are certified to run with any ATI video card. Thats simply a must! http://www.amd.com/us/products/desktop/graphics/ati-radeon-hd-4000/hd-4870/Pages/ati-radeon-hd-4870-system-requirements.aspx You could go see what kind of bang you can get for lower power from Nvidia. I left ATI. Several here did. The multi monitor crap with them was nuts. Poor drivers.
  7. I voted No because Vietnam would be too one sided and unbelievable. The World War 2 era would be more fun and richer experience. Other than that Id say stick to modern jets.
  8. I have a similar set up and I run EVERYTHING MAXED OUT ON 32 inch sony tv . Its great! !!
  9. This Corrigan config or my config will get you into a sweet spot.
  10. I don't think that is true anymore at least not in my recent experience or what I have seen. I ran a 600 MHz manual overclock on the old Q6600 2.4 ghz Cpu I had in a ASUS Maximus board for four years rock solid. I sold it to a friend and its on its 5th year still rock solid. 5 years is a long time on a 600 MHz overclock running 24/7. Then again I buy motherboards around the $250 price range and there is a diff. I think that helps, I also think the hardware can just take it more than we used to.
  11. Hey OP this is the wrong place to post this stuff. Its a great place to see what people are doing against heavy software like DCS but most will not want to admit this it true. The ASus automatic overclocking works!!!!!!! I started Overclocking computer with the first overclockers motherboard made by overclockers in 2000 the Iwill xp333r . Boys and girls, this is where it all started http://www.pcstats.com/articleview.cfm?articleID=930 I spent a couple years with others in the forums pushing this boards to the max with latest xp 1700 and 2100 old procs. Those were the days. Then came automatic overclocking software. Its was shit!! Didn't work. A lot of people were using it to run benchs and brag but it didn't run 24/7. So the short story is automatic overclocking does work now these days with these ASUS boards for sure! My system is 13 months old and auto overclocked to 4.4 ghz with the mem setting set at the XMS 1600 profile. My system eats DCS no problem. Any other bravado or money spent is simply just that.
  12. HAHAHaa I just uninstalled BS and reloaded 1 then BS2 upgrade no problem but have to reconfig the stick ARGGG. But its registered in DCS now.
  13. So If you have BS1 and BS2 upgrade and you want to get BS into DCS world......now is a safe time to do so ? If so... I understand that I should install BS 1 and run the upgrade from there? Not sure what the upgrade path should be ? First install BS1 and activate Then install BS 2 Upgrade and activate Then let DCS World upgrade as needed. Is that right ? !!
  14. New patch updated. Fast mission and su27 campaign do this after the update. I think some of this happened before but not 2 out of two times in a row. I land hit exit and the then DCS crashes back to desktop ?
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