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  1. If we are really lucky we'd get a full fidelity 29K 9-31 instead of the 27K/33. imho at least
  2. Haven't done this myself, but it should probably be enough to copy from the MiG-29A folder to the MiG-29G folder inside the liveries folder.
  3. Absolutely wonderful to see. Going to be flying with this skin a lot now.
  4. Antarctica would be magnificent. There would also be no need to include any proper airports since we could just make our own airports on the ice-sheet as per video:
  5. I didn't no. As I hoped would be clear I was quoting the maker Alfa who posted this years ago on these forums. The quoting system on these forums includes a link to the original thread. But you are right about the Symbology. There seems to be more info on the modern K symbology online than the original. Quite accurately deduced.
  6. Is the F-106A completely missing from this thread?
  7. Looks like the toughest part about modelling the MiG-23 is well in hand: From the DCS: Roadmap (unofficial - NO DISCUSSION HERE) thread
  8. Aerospatiale Dauphin of course. Which for some mysterious reason is missing from the list.
  9. Some info from the Unofficial RoadMap Thread which I haven't seen or noticed here in this development update thread (or I may need very good glasses/ new eyes). t. also interested in the flogger
  10. My humble suggestion for a GIUK-gap map. Includes two military airbases: Keflavík and Kinloss? (or is it Lossiemouth) afaik. Loads of runways and ocean real estate.
  11. It was un-cancelled when they got a go ahead from the appropriate government ministries to model some newer avionics.
  12. I'd absolutely love to get my hands on that 9-31 beauty. Lets hope there are some DCS fans in the ministries of Russia. However don't forget that the 9-41R is in service with the Russian Navy today. Even if its weapons systems and electronics are no doubt very different its handling characteristics may be similar even with that huge twin seater canopy. For now I will look forward to the 9-12
  13. Well it turned out that Blackshark 3 is happening after all. So its not a surprise they'd delay properly starting on the 29 a bit until after its finished. At least we got a bit of love with the 2,7 patch such as waypoints and better dampers. Also the fact BS3 is happening bodes well, since if its ok by the Russian military/government to publish it they might be inclined to ok more and better MiG-29 versions. Maybe even the original MiG-29K itself? I wish at least.
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