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  1. Snoopy, have you tried redoing the FCF with the A-10 lately? I'm just curious what state the module is in and how many features are missing or how many bugs there are.
  2. Fascinating! THanks for these pics. So that also confirms that the oxy gauge (discussed in another thread) isn't next to the fuel gauge anymore either in the B model.
  3. Apologies if this has been discussed before , I didn't see it mentioned before though. Can someone tell me why in the Heatblur F14 the G meter is located next to the fuel gauge as opposed to next to the SAI above the radio panel? From looking at pictures the Oxy qty gauge should be next to the fuel gauge and G meter in the above mentioned location.
  4. I am finding it very hard to read the caution panel with my Reverb VR headset. I installed this mod but it's a bit too overdone and looks a bit too gimmicky: https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3313661/ Does anybody know of any other mods that improve the cockpit textures a bit to make them more readable when flying in VR?
  5. Has anybody here tried to fit this nozzle mod onto the WinWing Orion throttle? The throttles are almost identical in height but obviously the bottom is different, just wondering if the mod can be amended to work with the Orion?
  6. Does anybody have the real pilot training syllabus from the FRS or know where to find one? I'm basically looking for a document that outlines what sorties were flown (sim and/or real flights) to learn the F14. The course title is "D-2A-1601 , F-14 Pilot Category 1".
  7. Cool thanks. Overall, are ther still many features missing on the Tomcat or is it mostly complete? I would be interested if I could follow the NATOPS manual procedures and not have to skip stuff or compromise.
  8. Have any of these tests been added since? I'm not familiar with the Tomcat
  9. Has the Oxy qty indicator been added since this post? I have not been able to find it
  10. Thanks again for your help! I got it done and my lever is way better now!!
  11. This is what I would like to do. It's weird I can select the body normally but when I click on SPLIT BODY it won't let me select it.
  12. ehm, no idea. I tried selecting the body like I saw in some tutorials but it won't let me.
  13. Hi guys, I want to reprint this mod but to a bigger scale and use sensors for the angle deflection. I suck at Fusion 360. I am trying to split the nozzle lever in half at the point where the handle connects but have no idea how to do it in F360. I tried using the "split body" option but it won't let me select the handle as the body to split. Any ideas how to do this?
  14. Ok, with that loadout your drag index should be around 34ish with a total weight of around 26k lbs. According to the performance manual your optimum cruise alt should be around 35k ft. This does not mean that you can pull 4+ Gs at that altitude, it's an optimal cruising altitude that will be the most efficient for the engine (hence give you the lowest fuel flow). With regards to manuevering, have a look at the TAC-000 manual on page 766 you will find the H-M diagrams. Now , I could be completely wrong about this but if I understand these graphs correctly, at 25K ft with a 6 x mk82 loadout+gun+DECM pod, 50% water and 50% fuel you should be able to pull only around 2 Gs at 25K ft. In order to get 5 Gs you should be around 13k ft. I know this is a heavier loadout than yours with more drag but it's as good a graph as you're gonna get to see what should be possible. BTW the sluggish feel you talk about at alt is exactly what the pilots say about the jet when it's loaded out and at alt.
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