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  1. Current behavior: antenna is not stabilized in uncaged WACQ Correct behavior: antenna should be stabilized to scan zone indicated by HUD Track: WACQ .trk
  2. Current Issue: 1. Due to VR headset becomes more advanced, it is now possible to see the uplook crosshair in effective FOV(my headset is a reverb G2). 2. However, the uplook crosshair is currently misaligned with actual crosshair, and the shape has pincushion distortion when viewed in headset. Solution: 1. Distort the JHMCS overlay itself as an effective sphere over player's eyes, so the actual uplook crosshair is no longer distorted. 2. Realign the crosshair to the actual 9X missile seeker.
  3. Track included below Config is clean https://drive.google.com/file/d/1bbclEkOGlkQvjsHKooC5-W9UKPeY0ZcB/view?usp=sharing
  4. better check your kalman filter code
  5. track: https://drive.google.com/file/d/10CBy7pZYzcOxOxXrzkzbIp6zBzSuwrBa/view?usp=sharing i started off in gun mode, entered a controlled spin to decelerate, entered spin mode and got out, then symbology disappeared
  6. the threat ring is indeed a feature from the original hornet; however, only static sam systems (SA2, SA3, SA5, S300) should have those, SA6/8/11/13/15/19 should NOT have threat ring and they should be hidden in mission editor since they are mobile sams (they are assumed to move every now and then). Apart from that, although the original hornet does not have link16, it did have link4 which has about the same quality as F14. Since in game we cannot pick which link to use, one way to do this is to set up EWR for general blue aircraft, while F14 can receive datalink contact from ships (if applicable), and hornet will be stuck with general MIDS (which is in the original hornet too).
  7. It would be really helpful if you got a winwing f18 throttle: 1. SB switch has 3 positions, backward, forward, neutral. 2. Backward position is spring loaded, you have to hold "extend" to extend speedbrake. 3. Forward position is not spring loaded, if you want to retract SB you keep it in forward position and SB will keep retracting, until it's fully retracted (it's okay to leave it forward, thanks to technology). 4. If you just want to extend a bit or retract a bit, put it either in forward or backward until the speedbrake is at desired position, and return it to neutral: SB will hold that position. Not sure about 16.
  8. So many modules in DCS have their jammer poorly modeled. Without being able to automatically blank your own jammer targets not only put hornet in a significant disadvantage, but also defeats the purpose of a true self protection jammer. According some sources that I have, hornet is able to select between prioritize jammer transmission or radar transmission. I understand you won't take this as priority, but please make it into your do list.
  9. As titled. Do notice pylon drag definitely exists now, so I wonder did you take the extra step to model interference drag as specified in NFM-200
  10. I know it has shown in the 2021 roadmap but when???
  11. It's even launchable and has its own LAR track: f14R3S.trk
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