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  1. An old reply of Grimes was that you can use the ONCE also. I did with no problems. Multiple conditions of ONCE or MISSION START, worked fine for me. Yes my fault. I meant that if you run it from ME, you can't see the difference. There comes the restart of the game that i've mentioned before.
  2. Hello. I've noticed that i have to restart the game to see the result of it in ME. Is this the only way ? or there is another for real time view ? Thank you
  3. Hello. Many servers are hiding their scripting part by not including the scripts in the .trk or .miz files (even preventing Tacview). I am looking to learn how this is working, to experiment with. Thank you
  4. Ok thank you for clarification. But, airports and farps can do that. Unless they are belong to a different kind of type. To my question my thinking was if there this option somewhere. Otherwise yes, i can count the remaining enemy number, type, status etc and after delete them respawn the same for another country.
  5. ALA = {"A","B","C","D"} for i = 1, #ALA do if ALA[i] == "B" then print("OK") else print("NO") end end
  6. Hello. Is there a way to add common Radio Item(s) for multiple Groups ? (Not individually for each Group, in Actions field) Thank you
  7. Yes it will be great. So many places and different for operations.
  8. I found both (video tutorial + DML) useful as both together stands as a full working answer. Just to add a line of MIST code (addition to my comment above, (your respawn code) field): 2. SWITCHED ->TIME SINCE FLAG(1,3600) -> DO SCRIPT mist.respawnGroup('Target 1', true) mist.respawnGroup('Target 2', true) mist.respawnGroup('Target 3', true) FLAG OFF(1)
  9. Chritian Franz and cf/x AG thank you. Things are more clear after reading the modules. For me, syntax, checks, dcs variables/constants etc, weren't clear at all. Now they are and thank you for your project. I recommend to anyone that want to understand how things work in ME. 1. Is DML support "start from ground + hot" ? or just parking slots ? 2. Is there the ability of "surender" ? Once you prevail and close to be the owner of farp/airport/area, convert the rest of the enemy units to your coalition ?(Idea)
  10. Hello toutenglisse Thank you (again ) for your help. Is not that i am not reading or searching, but now i've got it. I was looking just in one place and mostly google elsewhere = wrong. SSE and MIST are in the same place so now i've found all the structure 's information and the functions to go further. Thank you very much.
  11. cfrag thank you very much for your time and the information in details. I will start reading tomorrow (baby steps) and once i've started recently to create missions, again, i will be a "headace" Congratulations for the documentation! Its over than enough for someone who wants to understand how DML works. I'll come back once i check the demos and try my first attempts/steps. Thank you
  12. Hello. Without me to read anything yet (i've just dload it) i have a question: If a group is dead, you just use a template to clone it as a new one ?
  13. Hello cfrag Nice project I will check it for sure
  14. Hello. 60secs x 60mins = 3600 1. SWITCHED -> GROUP DEAD(1 to 3) -> FLAG ON(1) 2. SWITCHED ->TIME SINCE FLAG(1,3600) -> (your respawn code) + FLAG OFF(1)
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