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  1. Exactly. Who wants ACLS before fixing the radar? ED make a poll, do a research, read the forums, or anything but please you need to start listening and investing the valuable resources on things that matter and make the product better instead of leaving us with frustration and unusable product. Do you really consider this a success? Maybe you do, maybe you don't, but please listen to us. So many major bugs take away most of the joy of even launching DCS in windows.
  2. Nothing makes me think that, nor did I say I did. But... I payed for something that was said to be completed and I expect it to be, period. You don't like it? Don't agree? I couldn't care less. At the very least I expect the already implemented things to work correctly without the number of bugs that we no longer can count without a scientific calculator.
  3. No, the hornet is not done. There are a lot of things not implemented yet.
  4. If that's true, I'll just stop playing, too much hard earned money to spend on unfinished products. Last thing I heard was the hornet getting out of early access in january or so... Where are we now? Oh yes still in EA.
  5. XD You're right, and your post was really spot on and funny. But speaking for myself I wasn't really being toxic about this patch but rather about a general methodology and you know exactly what that is, it doesn't mean it's going to change or that you actually agree, but I wanted to be clear about the toxic comments and where they come from. Whenever there is a comment like those, you need to listen and investigate why customers feel that way, and what can you do to provide a better customer experience. Just my two cents. Keep up the good work.
  6. Yeah, I wish it wasn't like that, but like I said, business is business. What I do blame ED is the poor communications skills, makes the entire community anxious and vicious, myself included. When Kate took control and make a damage assessment things were better, but now we are back to where we were years ago.
  7. No, it was 12 seconds delay since day 1.
  8. I just saw the changelog, can't believe the Hornet didn't get any of the dozen major bugs fixed
  9. I did some tests and it seems the Bullseye indication in the SA page and radar page are locked at true north despite what you set in the HSI. The BRA indications in the radar page are also locked to true, but the BRA in the SA page matches the HSI setting. Also, the current heading in the radar page matches HSI settings as well. It's obvious that ED did this because all AWACS calls are in true and they wanted their calls to match what the player sees in the cockpit without having to put all the systems in true. Now we understand why this is, maybe it's a good time for ED to step up and simulate the Hornet as it is IRL and let the pilot deal with the AWACS unrealistic calls and choose if he wants to set the cockpit in true or mag.
  10. Guys, this needs to be addressed. @BIGNEWY can you let us know what's preventing ED from fixing this? It's been 3 years now.
  11. I wasn't just asking why, I was comparing modules with different results and trying to understand why those. But hey, no hard feelings, I can see why you approach it like that. Thanks anyway for coming by.
  12. hein22


    Another question: what effect does the new Civil Plane checkbox has?
  13. hein22


    Wow, that heavy huh? Didn't know that, thought skins were light. Does a technical solution exist?
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