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  1. Hi Nealius thanks for your help, I was looking for the folder inside the DCS saved games folder, problem fixed.
  2. Hi everyone, I´ve been trying to fly the viggen for the last two weeks but it has been imposibble because every time I make my marks on the map, it does not create the flight plan, I can see other data cartridges from moths ago (even from other players) but it seems like the cache memory of the data cartridges does not allow to create new ones, I need to know if there is a way to erase those old flight plans or if I need to delete any file.
  3. Hi, I just received my winwing super taurus and super libra, and I found that if I use the radar elevation wheel on the throttle for the f16 it always recenters when I stop giving input with the wheel, is there any way to make it work without recentering? Thanks
  4. Hi, after some time playing on the weapon operator seat, I am not able to fire ATGM from pylons 5-8, usually when you select any pylon from station 1-4 you hear the ready to launch tone, but nothing happens when stations 5-8 are selected. UPDATE: when carrying only the ATGM there is no problem, things go wrong when carrying MG pods combined with ATGM, maybe it is bugged
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