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  1. Is there an update on this issue? It appears to be happening to a ton of ppl and it goes back years based on a quick Google search. I myself have started to experience it in the last six weeks both when starting up DCS and, if I get that far, sometimes it happens whilst joining a server. I see many ppl attaching their DCS logs as requested, but I've read through many of these threads and I've yet to see what exactly is causing it and what the fix is. Did I miss it somewhere?
  2. I've had this issue on numerous occasions including in the last hour on the Hoggit training server. It's pretty dangerous in an MP environment. "PAVEWAY"...Ahhh! ....and also MAD DOG!!!":lol: Unfortunately, I just reinstalled DCS fresh (for other issues). So I have a brand new copy, buuuut my Tacview does not appear to be recording so in addition to all the other things I'm setting up, I need to turn it on in the main menu I guess. If it happens again, I'll tack on a .trk Cheers Trespasser
  3. Heh, I am/was using N++, but I thought closing the proggy saved it automatically:doh:. When i opened up N++ I still had all my UNsaved luas as tabs so obviously no changes had been saved. D'oh!
  4. Oh noice, great tip! thank you. I had know idea, but will def use in the future Regards Trespasser
  5. YES! The good news: Got them to work finally. The Bad news: I'm just a dumb ass. Yes, i had them in the right spot with the right pathing. Yes, I think was correct in that I needed to change the line at the end of the lua to make sure it included USA as most servers have that as blufor. Buuut it turns out the when I made the changes to the lua it did not save and I hadn't noticed. Soo I ASSUME (hate assuming) if you have say a fictional French, or Canadian or whatever and the server doesn't have that in their Blufor list, it doesn't show up in the rearm/refuel window?? Regards Trespasser
  6. I checked, they all seem fine. it's bizarre. Silver, yes my path is the same as yours, cept I've never had a DCS.openbeta folder. Maybe because I did the CMD line change from stable release as opposed to a direct download? ... or perhaps the DCS.openbeta folder is from a while back? I only installed DCS last April
  7. Sorry guys, I've read many posts re: this and I still don't get why I can't see any of the skins I've downloaded for the A-10C As far as I know They're supposed to be in: C:\Users\xone3\Saved Games\DCS\Liveries\A-10C I mean that's MY saved games liveries folder, but they never show up in multiplayer or instant action. I've even changed the last line of the lua so that all countries can use the skins. Can anyone advise as to the critical piece of info I'm missing? I even put them in D:\Eagle Dynamics\DCS World\Bazar\Liveries\A-10C but nothing ever shows up. My f-16 skins are all in C:\Users\xone3\Saved Games\DCS\Liveries\F-16C_50 and they show up just fine. If I had hair I'd have pulled it all out by now! Best Regards Trespasser
  8. So it truly is a malfunction from the new update? Thank you for confirming. This is pretty awful; as it's somewhat important.
  9. Hmm, this is strange, but Since today my Radar elev CW/CCW no longer works in the f-16 at all. It's mapped accordingly to my TM coolie as it's always been. It's always worked before. In the controls section when I toggle it up or down the correct button mapping is highlighted (button 5 and 3)..it just doesn't do anything in the cockpit. Is there something obvious and silly I'm missing..it's usually the case. EDIT: I somewhat misspoke. The blue elevation indicator on the left side of the MFD does move up and down when I toggle the button, but the elevation parameters do not change in the slewable cursor. cheers Trespasser
  10. Hey oh, Still confused. I've read some modules can but they have to be (keyless) and I've also read ALL modules can except the mirage 2000. I assume I'm missing something. I just bought the Huey on Steam and then bound my accounts but I dont see it. I guess it's too old, Is it one that can not be transferred?? EDIT: Disregard, it worked! I don't use the Steam version, so I just installed it, but had not run it yet. After I ran the Steam version once the Huey got 'registered' in both Steam DCS and then the license thingy showed up in my ED profile page. I was gonna buy it through ED during the sale, but just kept forgetting lol. Thanks ED for letting us do this!
  11. Hey all, I have several of the modules including FC3, but I hadn't actually looked at any of the air frames in FC3 as I wanted to learn the F-16C, A10C, F/A 18C first to a decent level. I decide to set up binds for the F-15 and go fer a whirl today and it was all good until the "right engine fire, right engine fire, right engine fire, right engine fire" and so on lol. Sooo, I shut down the right engine (go figure) and headed back toward Khasab, but is there any way to shut the "Bitching Betty" up?? I just crashed into the Straight of Hormuz rather than fly all the way back to the the base with her yelling at me for the duration.
  12. Short answer YES! (I have no curves or dead zones set in game for the 16 or through the vkb software) Long answer YES-ish Personally, I received my GF III pro a cpl o' weeks ago. I was a long time F4 player 10yrs + ago (still have the disc+manual etc). I've always had crap sticks that aren't accurate. Was never able to AAR in F4 and was not able to AAR in DCS before my GF III (was using a Tflight 4 I purchased for Elite Dangerous on the PS4). I'm very new to DCS (5 weeks).The stick has got me 80% of the way to consistent AARs. I'm new to head tracking too. I'm finding that a less than perfect head track, poor vision and crap ergonomics (my stuff sits on the desktop currently) are my current issues. In short, the problem before was the stick AND me, but the Tflight was so bad for fine adjustments I just didn't notice the me part lol. I'm just starting to RTFM for the 18 so I have a long way to go in that frame, but in some very preliminary flights, I've noticed the 18's FM "seems" a bit more controllable for finer adjustments. That coupled with the fact u can see what yer doing whilst refueling might be making it easier. more testing required.
  13. I think you saved me hours of install time bud, thank you!. copied it all over to the new nvme and it seems to work fine.:cheer3nc: 1) what about when I update to the new open betas? I guess it just reads it from the new ssd as that's where I'm starting the proggy from.
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