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  1. hi, Anyone know what's going on with the Open Glass Cockpit (OpenGC) project? It looks like it hasn't been active. As much as I appreciate all the work done on F4Glass, it sure would be nice to have something OpenGL or Java with support for Linux & MS Windows. http://www.opengc.org/ -spearsd
  2. Hi, All, Any chance 6DOF TrackIR support will be included in 1.12 (In know 6DOF is planned for 1.2)? Thanks, -spearsd
  3. Yes, an update on 1.11 progress would be greatly appreciated. Last update I heard was early in early August (BVR and EWR by wags). What's going on, ED? Thanks, -spearsd
  4. Ugh! You mean I didn't have to pay for it? Just kidding!!!
  5. Yes, I game on a 120" diagonal screen (16:9 aspect ratio) at 1368x768. To do this, you have to establish the graphics settings you want in the LOMAC options menu, and then manually edit the ".\Lock On\Config\graphics.cfg" file simulator info like this... Simulation { resolution = {1368, 768}; bpp = 32; fullscreen = 1; aspect = 1.781250000; } Once you change the file, you can start LOMAC and the changes will be in effect. Note, if you go into options and change any graphics options afterward, the aspect ratio in the graphics.cfg file will get reset to 4:3 and you'll have to modify the file again. Works like a charm for me. LOMAC is actually one of the few simulators (or games for that matter) that correctly handles user configurable aspect ratios instead of stretching your picture horizontally (having a true 3D cockpit helps). Looking at the round cockpit gauges on my widescreen, they are aspect correct :-) Hope that helps, -spearsd
  6. Bump ;-) Is F15 flight modeling adjusted at all in 1.11?
  7. Nothing is difficult about creating two more accounts to purchase FC. I just don't think it should be necessary. Speaking of obvious, what's so difficult about supporting purchase of multiple copies of FC on one account? BTW... have you ever thought about taking remedial customer relations classes? :-)
  8. How do you buy multiple copies of FC from ED? http://forum.lockon.ru/showthread.php?p=95650#post95650
  9. Hi, all, Maybe, I'm missing something, but I'm trying to purchase a second (and possibly 3rd) copy of Flaming Cliffs using the same user ID, but All I get is an option to download (not buy). Can someone please tell me how to do this without creating another account? Thanks, -spearsd
  10. - Overall multiplayer stability and smoothness of play has been increased. Finally! Thank you :-)
  11. Looking forward to 1.11! Until then, To keep me busy until then, I've got a copy of F4 AF on its way USPS. :-) Do we have a final fix list for 1.11 yet?
  12. Anything to bring the frame rate floor higher (even if for environmental effects) would be most welcome. Personally, I think the reason so many people bitch about frame rates for LOMAC is the extreme variance of getting 80fps one second, and 8fps the next. Keep it coming :-)
  13. Installed 1.0 + 1.1 + seasons + movies + patches. Good job ED! Seems to be working great, but I haven't tried 1.1 multiplayer LAN yet. :-)
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