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  1. Those that are able, even with the time difference, are always welcome to join in squadron festivities!
  2. Planned missions during the week, sometimes. We haven't ever used data cards. Lot more squadron activities tend to occur on the weekends. The only thing we've used sign-ups for is when we run Liberation events and the monthly BFM contest. Sure can! We're mostly US based, though we do have a few members that are in Europe.
  3. The 62nd Virtual Fighter Squadron welcomes all pilots looking for a squadron! The 62nd is geared for those who would like be part of a squadron, but due to real life obligations, limited amounts of time to fly, busy work schedules, or family life, may not be able to join a squadron with a more specific focus or training requirements. We welcome DCS pilots of all skill levels on any aircraft, no matter how often you are able to fly. There's no commitment to join, nor any mandatory training in order to become a member of the 62nd. We offer a squadron for you to call home, meet and fly with fellow DCS pilots, and most of all, have fun! Our squadron features a 24/7 private server on which to fly and is open to all wingmen and members of the 62nd VFS. We've also recently introduced squadron liveries for popular aircraft, available to all members. We are mostly a U.S. based squadron, though we do have several members in Europe. While we are not specifically a training squadron, several of our members have graciously stepped up and are willing to assist DCS pilots who are new to an aircraft or are learning tactics and advanced techniques. Twice a month we hold training sessions covering both combat and non-combat subjects. As Commander of the 62nd VFS, I offer my invitation to join our squadron, with the invite link to our Discord server below. Thank you for your consideration, and I look forward to flying with you in the virtual skies! https://discord.gg/Z25BSKk84s
  4. I gave the eraser tool a try and that worked to get rid of the unwanted stuff. That did leave the "square" from the selection as you can see up above like before. This time though I didn't have to use the paint bucket tool and try to get that right. I did use the smudge tool and blended in the edges of the "square" and it looks way better. Still on the hunt for the shark teeth layer. I shudder at the thought of trying to draw that by hand. @Megalax Thank you for the help!
  5. So it seems that I am dealing with two layers. The Elements layer which has the artwork for the interior of that panel, and the Shadows layer since the Pave Penny pod cast a shadow on the air frame. I masked off that section of the elements layer and got rid of the interior, and then painted the shadow layer, and this was my end result. It's the best I've done with this panel so far, but don't know what else to do so that it blends in seamlessly.
  6. It's not so much a glass engine. Quite tough when operated within limitations and good procedure. The problem with windmilling the engine was not unique to the Jug, but all radials. As I mentioned in the video, I believe the Jug is the first DCS aircraft that modeled the crankshaft bearing damage. I don't own either variant of the Fw-190 or I-16 to know for certain. The technology with those engines advanced significantly before and during the War, and the problem with windmilling would have eventually been solved had turbine engines not arrived when they did. Once turbine engines came on the scene, the days of large piston engines were numbered. Nearly every engine manufacturer shifted research and development towards turbojet engines. Piston engines were still made and supported, and plenty of them saw commercial and military service into the 60's and 70's, but little development went to them as compared to turbine engines. P-47 is a fantastic module, though arguably the most complex with regards to engine management. Not the best dogfighter compared to others, but does make a great attack aircraft.
  7. Been experiencing this occasionally in MP play. Pressing F2 to view my wingmen's aircraft will cause a hard freeze of DCS. The last sound will continue playing on the speakers (usually a jet engine at whatever throttle setting it was on when the freeze happens). If I alt-tab out and back the screen will never show again. I have to terminate DCS using task manager. I was flying formation last night, and my wingman said that when my DCS froze, my aircraft disappeared, like it despawned at that moment. Attached is my DCS log. No crash report though. dcs.log
  8. Correct, half open for takeoff per the manual. I’ve forgotten them before and got the flutter/buffeting from the disrupted airflow. Not too sure what happened with the oil there, that was a takeoff from runway spawn on active pause so that is where it was when I jumped in the aircraft. That may need an adjustment from ED for hot takeoff spawns. Came right back down to normal once I got air through the coolers. Flap lever should match the flaps position as the hydraulic fluid should circulate once the flaps are full up or down. The neutral setting definitely for intermediate positions. I believe this is an open center hydraulic system, but will dig into that once I look in the manuals later after work
  9. Good day all, I put together this video that goes over engine management in the Jug. It's mostly aimed at those new to the P-47, though has a lot of good info in it for everyone. Hope you all find it helpful
  10. I'm new to editing and skins/liveries and had a couple questions. I'm using GIMP and made a good skin with the Warthog. When I tried doing the same with the Tank Killer, I keep seeing the interior of the jet with where the Pave Penny pod was. There's not a specific template for the Tank Killer, so my question is how do I do this to where it looks like a normal jet and not one with a missing panel? Second question is, does anyone have a layer that I can paste in to add the shark teeth?
  11. One thing that'll help is that most of Thrustmasters products have a 2 year warranty. Open up a case with them and they can send you a replacement part or you may be able to send it to them for repair. I ran into this for my Hornet grip, though the weapon select switch was what broke on mine. Dealing with Thrustmaster was pretty straight forward and I was able to replace that switch myself. Mine would stick going forward and aft, and I thought it would free up as I used it and "broke it in". It never got better and eventually stopped registering hits when going aft. The new switch feels much better.
  12. I’m not sure if they still offer flights or not, it’s something I didn’t think to ask (also unaware they did that). And thank you, glad you enjoyed the video!
  13. Had the opportunity recently to visit an airworthy Phantom, while she was undergoing a maintenance check and inspection. I was able to get the camera out during this time and created a video when they started her engines, plus I was able to talk with a pilot that actually flew the Phantom and get his insight on what it was like flying the Lead Sled. So while we wait patiently for Heatblur's F4-E, I thought ya'll would enjoy this in the meantime:
  14. Open Beta hot fix went out today: https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/news/changelog/openbeta/
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