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  1. I guess that is denied too, there could be lots of AI aircraft in DCS like Rafale, Gripen, Alphajet, Eurofighter (that one is coming), Super Etendard etc... Then again Tornado is there as AI...
  2. They do burn fuel in real life cause they don't want to land heavy on some short runways, so its not rly immersion killer (dropping tanks is tho), I burn fuel every time I need to rearm and refuel for immersion and it consumes few minutes of your time.
  3. Problem is that it cant be a short track, so ED could recreate with cold start loaded with HARM and HTS, fire HARM and DO NOT power off the pylon after, when they land and rearm HARM it will bug. Or I can post a longer track but no assurance it wont be broken.
  4. ED said they are working on that, also 1.15 - https://forum.dcs.world/guidelines/
  5. You can open AAR doors prior to rearming and refueling on the ground to depressurize the tanks, they will start filling, but as internal tanks are filling up as well the filling process will stop when internals are full so it may leave your external tanks not filled up, so the less fuel in internals you have the more it will fill external tanks, I tend to burn my fuel till 3000 is left total so externals will fill up to full when I rearm my jet.
  6. Balkans would be great, ww2 and yugoslavia conflicts were happening there, Operation Allied Force too.
  7. Thy have their own "sim" with Rafale but it is not even close to what ED could do if given the oportunity, maybe in the future we get the chance. M F2 variant would be most welcomme
  8. yea they should make all Mav capable planes do the alignment
  9. Happened to me in MP too, when I landed to rearm HARM they wouldn't work, couldn't fire HARM, tried switching stores off and on, powering HARM of and on, HTS off and on, but nothing seemed to work, HAD page could not lock the emitter it would get stuck in handoff, white color.
  10. To align mavericks you can use those taxiway signs for a fast align, you only have to wait till can power up. Also, don't know if you are aware, you only have to align one per pylon not all of them. So if you have 3 mounted on one pylon you only have to align one maverick. Maybe thats what was takin lots of time away.
  11. Furiz


    Deafault keybind is K.
  12. I had this happen again today, after being gone for some time: RTX 2060 Super - Driver 512.59
  13. TMS DOWN will unselect PDLT, but the HUD que line stays it is a bug and it has been reported.
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