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  1. Looks like laser from his TPOD, the fact it turned off may be cause he stopped lasing that target.
  2. I tried selecting specific class and it found the emitter within few sec. So that works great
  3. Yea that's what I thought, 1 leaves the FCR on while 2 disables it, they skipped and reset obviously FCR wouldn't work for them when they switched back to position 1.
  4. Wait, the beeping sound is not from ECM, it is from RWR warning you that some radar is focusing you, when ECM is transmitting the green light labeled ECM on the MASTER ARM panel will light up. Poisition 1 and 2 on the XMIT switch are for the SPJ (self protection jammer) mode and 3 is for barrage mode. No one mentions the difference between 1 and 2 on the XMIT switch, I guess 2 stops the FCR from working and 1 leaves the FCR on but with less power since FCR loses lock when ECM is transmitting, I tested it too and in position 1 FCR works, when I swtich 2 it stops, then if I go back to 1 it wont turn on.
  5. Ah I didn't wait more than 20-25 sec to be honest, next time Ill try with a specific class selected. Would be great if we could have some visual of how that scan cone looks like.
  6. glad it worked;D Watching those videos I posted above, cant figure out from them if they filled up full or not but I saw AAR light came on on one of those jets so I guess AAR door is open, but then we can't know if they were below 2500 or not and if their ext tanks were filling up even if internals were full.
  7. Just a had a SA6 spawn and HTS couldn't detect it, maybe it can't detect late spawn emitters?
  8. Yes, because, as said above, the refuel ratio between internal and external tanks in DCS is 1:1, so as much as it goes in internal tanks goes in external tanks, and when internal tanks are full the refuel process finishes. If internals are full before ext tanks are filled up, ext tanks obviously wont be fully filled cause refueling will stop.
  9. Found this Video but I cant see if they even open the AAR door.
  10. It does work, but your internal tanks need to be below 2800lbs to have them fully refueled. If internal tanks are at for example 4000lbs it wont refuel external tanks to full load.
  11. I realized that with AAR doors open the refuel ration on the internal tanks and ext tanks is 1:1 as Frederf said, so if you want your external tanks full you should burn fuel to below 2800, then you have enough space in internals to fully refuel external as well.
  12. If you can get some private lessons from some pilot willing to teach you... otherwise I don't see any good source for military tacts. YouTubers are mostly gamers making money. Specially those that have 2 uploads per week about every possible aircraft. P.S. Learn from the guy that shoot you down, he obviously did something better;P
  13. They cant teach you good tactics, they are not real fighter jet pilots (even if they are they wouldn't be able to talk about tactics in detail), they are like you or me, just simmers. Two weeks is enough to learn the basics, but to really learn how to use the airframe will take longer than that, you have to learn capabilities of your aircraft and of your opponents as well, which kind of missiles they use vs missiles you have, how good are their radars and how to use the weak spots, also Situational Awareness etc... takes more than 2 weeks time to learn. My advice is to stick to one airframe, and learn it well, keep practicing and don't lose hope. This is a simulation, a very good one, so don't expect to have 40 kills in one sortie like in other "sims". Check real world statistics for example, you can google how many kills does aim120 have in real world and vs which opponents, you'll be surprised by the search result. Most importantly have fun!
  14. Here is their official simulator: https://www.dassault-aviation.com/en/passion/discovery/rafale-experience/
  15. Best is to do what this thread says when reporting bugs, specially something like that:
  16. Really love what Ugra Media has done with Syria, I enjoy that map every day, thanks for that guys! Don't know if it was mentions before but I'd love if you create Balkans map for us, thanks!
  17. They hired new writer as far as I know, so it should be done soonish.
  18. It doesn't matter since I turn it off and it still doesn't pick up the emitter.
  19. @AlexCaboose Yes, I just tried in SP and it works fine... but in that MP session it didn't, I had jammer turned on, then I turned the jammer off and it still wouldn't find the sa6, I tried turning HTS off and on too. Maybe its tied to Jammer, need to test that too.
  20. It should be in Saved Games/DCS/Logs dcs text document, don't get dcs.log OLD file, just dcs.log text.
  21. Can confirm, making circles around SA6 for like 15 mins and nothing on HTS, its been scanning me and launching too but no hits on HTS. this happened on MP server, Ill try to make a track file in single player.
  22. There is a report on the subject already
  23. We need more info on what do you mean, maybe a track too.
  24. I know I saw a video where F-16 pilot enters what is loaded on the airplane in the system. But it was some time ago and its hard to find it but I'll try, I found it strange that we cant select pylons with Laser Guided bombs if we need to drop from one side or the other, and with everything else we can select pylons.
  25. Is it possible to select from which pylon the GBU12 will come off? Like we can do with GBU38 for example. seems impossible to do it in the game at the moment and it is always dropping left wing first, or that's how it is in reality?
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