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  1. Ok. I will check it out once I get the chance and post it here if it does make a difference
  2. Folks. Has anyone seen a difference in using for example AF 16x in the AMD Tool vs DCS GUI? For example turn AF off in dcs but 16x in the AMD Tool?
  3. Try recycling FCS CAT 1 to 3 and back, or vice versa depending on your config
  4. Thanks @Hummingbird! I guess when a HMSS is inbound for the Rafale it’s gonna be lethal as hell
  5. Okay. Wow. I just went through six pages of some very interesting data about the Rafale and the Typhoon, including the predecessor (test)airframes. Thanks for everyone’s enthusiasm for military aviation. Sadly, to get to the interesting discussions, all parties (seriously) involved used unnecessary means of slander. Consider for a second, what if you would meet in a local pub and meet face to face (as they say) and have a lively and gracious discussion about the topics? Would you seriously be talking like that or would you rather negotiate your opinions on another round of beer? (With or without %) What I know: The typhoon is a lovely Maschine to fly. It tells you every moment that it belongs in the air to air fight regime. It’s amazing to fight your way towards a target with bombs on the Hardpoints, release them all in quick succession onto the target and then take on opposing fighters. I Have no personal experience with the Rafale, it is an absolutely beautiful airplane that has a great Pilot-Vehicle-Interface and is a blast to see what it can perform on an air show. The interesting part would be implementing the two on operations or on exercise, as they would be a perfect team with strengths and weaknesses. Usually we talk about + and - in the planning rooms and the Sqd bar. Ok... I’m not a moderator but seriously consider maybe using the Private Messaging before continuing. Check Six angry
  6. Thanks Gero, I think it’s worth to add to the final portion of your post, where you fought the F-16, that the typhoon specific anti G equipment is quite sophisticated in relation to the standard anti g suits. Cheers
  7. Max, how about flying a Sopwith Camel then? Cheers „TITS“ , two bagger also OK?
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