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  1. Great work! Personally I would prefer the MiG-19S, without the radar fairings to disfigure the minimal and sexy aspect of this beauty, but a MiG-19 is a MiG-19!
  2. In the photos below: this was the last time I flew with Viggen ... I had to expect that things would be complicated quite a bit! Therefore... G is still lower the gears?
  3. Hi Muffler, sometimes I really think that you enjoy it... :D Anyway, I've fixed it, thank you as always
  4. I've corrected also the RWR lights for the English cockpit. Next!
  5. Yep, the lights are not blinking at all, in the english cockpit.
  6. Thanks, so I saved also this texture in DX5 format. Sorry, I missed them...
  7. I've checked the original LN texture, and the problem was that the external color sectors are rendered upside down. I've updated my texture, but the original one needs the same attentions ;)
  8. Thanks Muffler! I thought I had copied from the original texture ... no problem for the correction
  9. Hi guys! I think I've found the issue: some texture sheets now have the DX5 alpha profile, so my files must be update accordingly. I've updated also some minor detail as well as the normal mapping of the flight stick (the older version looked always in shadow). I've uploaded the new version of the two textures pack. Hope it works now, but just in case I will try to follow this thread now ;)
  10. Sorry for the delay, I will correct reported problems and update the files as soon as possible! ac5: thank you for the updates
  11. It looks very good, I must admit! The MF is my favourite version of the MiG-21
  12. U-A-O! ... I mean W-O-W! My congrats for the computational mesh, it seems very well done! Hope it converge to a good solution! Which kind of CFD software do you use?
  13. Eh eh eh, thanks! But it is only a modification of your work, so the starting point was great!
  14. Yes, nice! But your tilde (~) is different :D
  15. Hi, yes I use Photoshop CC 2015 and the Nvidia plugin. You can use also PaintNet and I think (not 100% sure) the support for this format is native. I save the file with alpha channel in DXT5 format and the file without alpha in DTX1.
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