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  1. Hi! Using A10a, su25 and su25t, when I want to move any sensor (may a CCRP reticle, a missile seeker, shakval...) if a want to move to the right(for example) and do right on my joystick, the first move is a bump up, then moves right. I mean, : https://imgur.com/pQ2PhL9.jpg Making way to hard to aim correctly any target (not to say if is a moving target). Any solution for this? ·Is not a joystick problem, as with other nonFC planes works well.
  2. Thanks! Then, where to aim? lol
  3. I think that is not possible, as the zoom on the sensor are four different buttons :S If you dont mind, can you say what's the keybind you're reffering to?
  4. Hi! Im asking if there any option to launch rockets with a locked pod. I mean, without moving it. like a conventional rocket pod.. Greets!
  5. Hi! I would really apreciate if you add some keybind to zoom in and another for zoom out in the copilot/gunner screen. I mean, I have a general basic hotas and a controller, I have not so much free butons to put four diferent keybinds for every zoom.. Having two and not four will free other two butons to put there anything more... Thx! Greets!
  6. Hi! I noticed that if the cursor touch any limit on the screen, any border, it will stuck there. Whatever you do, will not move. If you change to the other screen, it will still stuck in the middle. Greets!
  7. Hi! Today I fired an LD10 (jf17) at >50 miles in active mode(the missile goes to the selected waypoint and aim to the first emmiter it found). There was a lot of valid targets near the waypoint, some sams, others radar AAA.... and the missile goes directly to a tiny armored boat(that one that have a machine gun on it) that was like 2 miles away from waypoint point(i mean, the others targets were closer to waypoint point). And was a direct hit. Bug? Edit: Have no track but is easily reproducible. edit2: Sorry if bad english Edit3: Added track 3314.trk
  8. happened the same to me today. As second run I cannot fire rockets...
  9. I noticed that with red cluster bombs is even way more exagerated. I can go from 55-60 stables to less than 15. Unplayable then...
  10. Looks like pagefile on SSD made my game works waaaay better. Thanks! Adding ram is a pending option too
  11. I got 16 GB ram. I had the pagefile on D(hdd), now i change to C(ssd) Windows is on C, wich is SSD With eats I mean it used 100% of the disk. I'll check with the change on the pagefile. Thanks!
  12. Hi! That's it. I got DCS installed on a SSD (unit F) but when I play DCS, it eats the 100% of the HDD (D and E, two partitions) and my game freeze. Im 100% sure is DCS what is getting the hdd occupied cause the resources admin said to me. On the hdd have nothing related to DCS. Only, it was where i had DCS installed before, but unistall and did a clean install on the SSD. What can i do? Sorry if bad english thanks in advance!
  13. Hi! Whats the command to get the camera moving with the mouse, like LShift+F11 on the Ka-50? Thx!
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