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  1. Sadly both me and savior will not able to attent for the event tomorrow, real life stuff for me that i can't just drop to play, sorry for that, i really mean. I wish you guys to have fun
  2. Redhotita1 is signing up with us, so now is: Flow3r TAW_Saviour Redhotita1
  3. that's why i love people taking iniciative in dcs interest :)
  4. Please, keep the 9x out, we're kill the merge with that thing
  5. The belance was cool, keep ot that way, my 2cent (and savior as well) is to keep it like it was yesterday. You found a preatty neat belanced competitive enviroment my man, don't let the wind take it from you.
  6. Phoenixes are no factor honestly, yoi can try satal standard and allow 4. Otherwise i can hardly see any reason why someone should prefer those over amraams. My two cents.
  7. If nato is restricted to 120b i might try with j-11 then
  8. I mean, is there some air to air included in order to secure air superiority and let the ground war do his thing?
  9. Flow3r F-14 Pilot RedHotita1 F-14 Rio
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