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  1. Awesome. That is exactly what I need to do. Thanks.
  2. Thanks. I will try that again. I thought that just exported what was actually bound in the highlighted column.
  3. Is there a way to export a list of all available bindings for a module? I have a couple cockpit projects I am working on and a list of available bindings would be helpful when deciding what type of switches to use.
  4. See the attached picture. I replaced the stop that is held in with the two bolts identified in the picture. One stop on each side. I don't have any finished files to share. I 3d printed a prototype without the bearing pocket and then CNC machined an aluminum replacement with the bearing pocket and never updated the 3d model. It is a simple part to model. Please note that if you have these pedals mounted to the floor you won't gain much, if anything, without removing the plastic bumper floor stop at the bottom of the pedal. My pedals are attached to a rig so the pedal stop can go below the base. You will also have to replace one of the acorn nuts with a regular nut for the pedals to go through their full range of motion. I designed my stops so it stopped the pedals just before the arms hit the base in the middle. I was able to figure out my other calibration issue by using the advanced feature in the config program to remove the center detent. I trimmed about 1/8" off of the plastic brake spacer inside and applied damping grease to the brake. Much smoother and removing the 1/8" off the spacer allows the brake to be tightened more.
  5. If my notes are correct the gap increased about .29" over the stock gap with no spacers. If you are running the stock spacers then it only gets .090" wider. No, I don't have any videos. When the throttles travel past each other with my plates there is about 0.050" clearance between them at the closest point. I've sold a couple hundred sets of the plates and no one has expressed a concern with the wider gap. The plates are designed to keep the throttles aligned with each other even though the gap is wider so that you never feel the larger gap in your hand. The current batch of plates is almost sold out and I don't know when/if I will make more in the future.
  6. I have a set of these. Have been using the VKBs for some time and really like them. I tried a damper on the VKBs and didn't like it. I had Slaw Viper pedals, but didn't like the sliding forward and back operation. I much prefer the up and down of the VKB and Virpil. I mostly fly helos and have removed the spring and cam completely from the Virpil. Still use them with planes, but no spring center so you have to pay attention to that. The braking mechanism works well, but does not have a lot of friction. I was used to resting my foot against the spring tension of the VKBs so I have had to train myself out of that habit. One gripe I had is that there was less total travel than the VKBs. I machined new stops for the pedals and have gained about 1" total travel. Now they are perfect for my use with the exception of the brake needing more tension. The only other thing that bothered me is they are hard to get calibrated without the spring and cam. The Virpil software wants them to auto center for calibration. My feeling is they are on par with the VKB from a build standpoint. Both are well built. VKB has more travel out of the box, but no damper and no brake. Virpil has less travel, but the brake action is nice and if you have a 3d printer you can make new end stops to allow more travel.
  7. @f4l0 Did something change with the gun effect on the Apache? I just DL the latest Beta and the gun vibration is not constant. It cuts in and out. Anyone else having this issue?
  8. @walmis I'm sorry if I missed it, but can you share more info about this GUI for adjusting the forces? I have a Odrive, some motors, encoders and power supply. I want to use them to make a cyclic for helicopter sim. Possibly add FFB in the future, but I'm more interested in friction, damping and trim adjustment for the cyclic than full FFB. I have been through the mechanical dampers, springs, etc in cyclic design and never been happy with the results (homebuilt and commercial options on the market). The mechanical aspect of building it is not an issue for me. I have a VMC to make parts, but I need programming help.
  9. Not correct. Links are correct for stable and beta in the first post.
  10. Thanks. I saw the bug report after I posted this.
  11. I have this same issue in VR. Yes, I have properly boresighted. When I command George to search the dashed cross always appears above and to the left of where I command him to look. In some of the pancake videos I have watched the dashed cross goes directly to the pilot LOS reticle. I assume this has something to do with the boresight, and have attempted to Kentucky windage that with limited success. I am boresighted per the videos, but George isn't in sync. I have only noticed this in MP, not tested in SP.
  12. You can backup directly from SSA. It is in the menu at the top.
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