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  1. Many thanks guys ! This is a must, that has been awaited for a long time Much needed and excellent complement to the naval ops in DCS, indeed
  2. Hi Marroux, do you have a pointer for those subs ? I couldn't find them on the French Pack in Discord. Thanks
  3. Excellent photos, thanks crazyeddie so, everybody's right : there can be various tugs of simialr shapes having very different sizes, from 107 down to 65 ft enjoy...
  4. Hi Oban, you're right, but I don't have the references for the real tugboats, and there are hundreds of them operating out there.... Below is the Navy tugboat comparison with the Aquitaine and HMS Duncan Mods, and its OK
  5. Hi Morpheus, OK thanks, I didn't update to the last Openbeta, yet Below is a simple comparison of the length of the HMS Duncan and Aquitaine Mods (152 and 142 meters long, respectively). They seem correct and consistent with all other Mods, including Admiral's Navy tugboat So, the size of the Harbor tugboat might indeed be the problem Besides, below is a photo of the Abeille Normandie high seas tugboat, which has just been commissionned to operate in the Channel. It's 91 x 22 meters large, and 25.000 HP powered. Huge tugboat indeed.
  6. Well, so far the Aquitaine size is consistent with all the other ships Mods I use, and I have a lot, including all Admiral ones, except for the USS Bainbridge which seems a bit small. But I guess only Admiral can really answer the question. Also, Admiral used to serve on the Navy tugboat he modded, so he can certify its size, and compare it to the Harbor one. And how does Razbam tugboat size compare to Admiral's ? I don't have Razbam's.
  7. The small ones are really nice, and perfect for medium ships and small harbors manouvers Below is a size comparison between the D650 Aquitaine frigate, which is 140 meters long, and the Navy Tugboat and the Harbor Tugboat, all of which are Admiral's superb Mods It seems to me that the Harbor Tugboat is almost twice too big, isn't it ? This would make both Tugboats approx. the same size of 44 meters. Assuming the wheelhouse is 2 meters high, the length of the Harbor tugboat on the left should approx. be 15 to 20 meters long, i.e., twice smaller Thanks Admiral
  8. Hi All, thanks for your very nice liveries, and thanks to Admiral for his super Harbor Tugboat Indeed, I noticed that the original size was much too big for these very little (although very powerful) small boats So I think the correct size is the small one, definitely But how can we choose the correct size in DCS ? And to include it with the ME ?
  9. Bonjour irq, je suis fortement demandeur de ta future version résultant du Winmerge de l'actuelle Rafale avec cette ancienne version de 2020 car je confirme que le taux de virage actuel et les facteurs de charge max semblent sous évalués Un grand merci d'avance et un grand merci aux frères Cuesta pour tout leur superbe travail Fly low...
  10. Bonjour, J'ai en stock une version 003 pour 2.5.6 et 2.5.7 du Rafale Pack. Je ne sais pas si c'est celle qui est recherchée Ci-dessous la superbe livrée anniversaire des 80 ans du Normandie-Niémen un artiste expert pour la faire pour DCS ? Sushy ? Fly low...
  11. Hi Xeno, thanks for your work and sharing it improving existing Mods seems an excellent approach, and I was wondering if you discussed this with Admiral before ? Also, some updates that you made to the LUA fiiles are unfortunately not commented, and I was wondering for example what modifications you have made to the USS Bowen ? I appreciate modifications to the ships wake effects, because they are very unrealistic in DCS, being too small and limited. Real wakes are visible miles away, which is not the case for most of the existing ships in DCS, and I try to modify them accordingly
  12. Premiers essais en vol excellents Merci..... Very satisfactory flight tests Thanks.....
  13. Bravo et merci infiniment les frères Cuesta pour tout ce superbe travail !....
  14. Hi Xeno, well, as you know, the SEM was the ground attack workhorse of the Aeronavale for 30 years. It was also used as a deterrent vector with a nuclear weapon, and combat proven in Yugoslavia, in the Midlle-East, etc. A very capable aircraft, used effectively by the Argentina Navy during the Falkland war, when fitted with Exocet missiles Fly low....
  15. Hi Marroux, indeed, AI does sometimes behave unexpectedly, be it for planes, ships, helos....
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