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  1. If you think you're in for a nice intro mission, you're wrong. You're off the deep end right away! I love this! Great first mission! The atmosphere is great, weather, radio chatter all of it!! Awesome job!! Been looking forward to this campagin for a long time. Feels like it's totally worth the wait!! Again, awesome job!!
  2. Don't know if you've seen this.. Great mission anyhow. https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3313266/
  3. Nah, definitely a formation landing.
  4. Never seen this one before. Either the LSO never waved 203 off or 203 never saw the waveoff.
  5. I’d say that the only ”unrealistic” in this campaign is that the casual chatter moved from the ready room to the intra-flight radio. The flying is top notch with cold and dark cockpit, checklists, comms, Case I-III procedures.
  6. Fear The Bones Campaign If you like story-driven campaigns this one’s for you, if you love the F-14, this one’s definitely for you. Set in late 80’s, you’re an F-14 pilot deployed on the USS Theodore Roosevelt on a cruise in the Mediterranean when your port of call to Athen gets cancelled and you’re suddenly headed to the Black Sea to help out the USS Valley Forge that has ran into trouble. You’re immediately thrown into action, with the first mission being a night carrier qualification and also a tutorial mission for how the campaign works. Most mission are air to air since the Tomcat wasn’t cleared for air to ground work until early 90’s. The mission are varied, from Alert 5 launches to planned CAP missions. There is a LOT of radio dialogue during the missions, a lot of reference to 80’s movies. Some might find the language offending but I think you have to treat this for what it is, entertainment, like you’re watching, or you’re in a movie. This is an awesome campaign and Reflected really raised the bar with this one. I really recommend this one! If you have the Zone 5 campaign, this is a must! Fantastic work, Greg!! Nick
  7. Have this problem too, seems you have to turn back over the deck a couple of times to trigger the yellow shirt to wave you forward to the cat. Might have to do with multiple cats launching aircraft and you mess up the launch sequence when you taxi forward on your own accord. Had this happen both in multiplayer and single player campaign. I'm sure you work this out. Cheers!
  8. Jester calls Bolter everytime I trap no matter what.
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