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  1. Same here. Tried to buy some older planes, but nowhere to use bonus points. It only offers me to spend miles.
  2. If you want to map it similar as in real plane you should check the manual on page 37. Maybe it would help you what to bind.
  3. Thank you for that. How can I use diagram? It looks like gsheet, but it won't open in GDrive.
  4. OK, just at the right time. Home from work, lunch, download.
  5. It's good to be at work. Time is passing faster.
  6. I posted solution how to keep HitmanPro.alert and DCS World in this post. Is really simple. Just add DCS.exe to exclusions. I've searched for it before, but I didn't find it. With help from HPA I excluded DCS.exe.
  7. Recently I have a problem with crashes of DCS World (1.5 & 2.5). I found that it was Hitmanpro.alert that was causing it. I was in contact with DCS support and with HitmanPro support. And we found the solution. On some older forums, there was a suggestion to rename hmpalert.dll. As they say at HMP support, that will disable 70% of protections. And of course, it's no point to have it that way. The solution is simple: You can exclude ..\DCS World\bin\DCS.exe. How to do that: You open HitmanPro.Alert GUI and switch to the advanced interface (gear icon top right). and then click on the blue button. Scroll to the right and click on exclusions and add the games "DCS.exe" to it. Problem solved.
  8. Problem solved. It was antimalware program HitmanPro.Alert. First I've completely uninstalled HitmanPro.Alert. Then deactivate and uninstalled AV-8b module from all DCS World versions. And then installed it again. Now it works. It seems to me, that new system of authentication and HP.Alert doesn't like each other. I've also written about this problem to HitmanPro support. It seem that similar problem existed before.
  9. @104th Money: Can you send me some mission that works for you? Whatever I try, I get a map.
  10. I've opened a ticket. I don't play MP missions, and I own a module.
  11. Yes in a custom mission I set player. But the problem is also with quick missions (and their missions). I've only tried custom mission after found problem with quick missions.
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