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  1. I know for a fact, a small phone call to Scan or Overclockers UK and those guys will put whatever you want together. You can have any motherboard you want fitted. Just need to give them a phone call or email.
  2. Couldn't agree more. Running the stock Nvidia algorithm the voltages can go upto 1.1Mv which can make it unnecessarily toastie. Almost all Nvidia GPU from the 1080 to the 3090ti can do roughly 1950Mhz at 0.975Mv which will save you peak wattage and temps. Play around with it to find your sweet spot but that a good starting point.
  3. HI mate, If your going with Scan UK you are in good hands, they really do know what they are doing. I recently had to do a Corsair RMA through them and they were like lightning with it. Cooling a decent Air or 240mm AIO Case your choice, its aesthetic, if Scan say it will do the job it will. Just get one that lets air in! I would go with 2x 1tb Nvme ssd's on the Z690 M2 slots. One for Windows and a Steam folder, the other solely for DCS. Gen 3 vs Gen 4 doesn't matter I tested it a lot makes no difference to DCS load times or performance. I have Window on a gen4 and DCS on a gen3. It runs super smooth. Motherboard I usually go with MSI simply for the USB's at the back IO, they offer more than Asus. I dont know about DDR5 speed or latencies really. I would shoot for the middle and go Corsair if it was me. My recent Corsair RMA was for a failed led light!
  4. I was running DCS at 4k resolution in multiplayer at a solid 60fps on high settings. Thats flying high and down low, it makes a difference. Running a 5600x and a 3090. When you increase the resolution or go VR. You need an Nvidia 3080 or better to get a solid framerate on high settings. The CPU, does not matter so much as long as the memory controller is good enough to handle 64gb. Which almost all can nowadays. A 12600k on a DDR4 motherboard would be fine, then pump your funds into a GPU and power supply that can support it. If I was building a PC for DCS tomorrow it would be 12600k or AMD 5800x, 64gb DDR4 and a 3080 or better.
  5. If you are going to buy one over an own build. Contact Scan UK or Overclockers UK, both are very capable and reputable. I have built my own for over 20 years, but if I needed one built I would go to one of these guys.
  6. Really glad to hear you enjoying it Buzz, take it easy mate.
  7. Hi mate, Thats quite a jump from a 3060 to a 6950xt. As I said on private messaging. If I knew a target budget I could help you more. Also to know if you want to use VR or the resolution of a flat panel you plan to use I'm shooting in the dark without that information.
  8. I would love one but dont have the dollars right now. I use a Hisense 43" 4k and thats pretty good so the LG Oled can only be better.
  9. Hi WildBill, Please feel free to send me a PM message and I can advise you on this. Whats the intended purpose of the PC please. If it is for DCS can you tell me the resolution od the monitor you intend to us. I'll be straight with you, if it is for DCS the GTX 1060 6Gb might need to be the first thing you want to upgrade. DCS is a GPU intensive game now. CPU and clock speed does not matter so much. It is still important. If I was you take a look at this. AMD 5600x, X570 or B550 for mobo, 32gb DDR4 3200C16, cool the 5600x with a Vetroo V5 air cooler. The GPU upgrade to a Nvidia RTX 3060 or better if you can for DCS on high settings. Intel is still good and slightly ahead of AMD right now. In my opinion though the lead they have over AMD is not worth what it costs in setup prices energy/watts and heat/temps.
  10. Yep, what Hiob said... Resolution is the number 2560x1440 for an example, pixels across, pixels up/down. The refresh rate of the monitor is basically how high the monitor can refresh the image per second. So how this translates, if your gaming at 144fps on a game, but your PC is plugged into a 60hz monitor its pointless because the monitor cant really show your eyes 144fps. However like you BUZZ, "IF" you want to fly in DCS with a constant and solid 60fps, very good for a smooth flight sim experience. On a 165hz monitor this is fine because the monitor can show "UPTO" 165fps. This is where you would take advantage of the variable refresh rate technology, or, G-Sync. In your monitor. You can lock DCS at 60fps, 75fps or 90fps and it will synchronise with that monitor perfectly. NO stuttering or screen tearing. Search Google for an example image of this. I would recommend running DCS at the Native resolution, 2560x1440. Then in the Nvidia control panel set a maximum fps for DCS. 60fps is generally perfect for any flight sim. It stops your system working harder than it has to constantly.
  11. A 3090 is overkill unless your going to go 4k or a high resolution VR headset. A 3090 is overkill for a lot of games. I can say for a fact DCS can push a 3090. Before the high end 30 series cards you could use DCS at 4k if you were willing to sacrifice a few graphics setting, shadows, SSAA, 4x MSAA or just accept the game running below 60fps.
  12. 4k is a whole other ball game to get a constant 60fps + on high settings. A 3080 can do it with a little tweak if it has very good cooling, you really want a 3080ti or a 3090.
  13. Basically Buzz a 1080p monitor has 2 million-ish pixels and they get shared over how large your screen is. 21" for example. A 1440p monitor is about 3 million-ish pixels, so it gives an image with more detail. You will enjoy it I am sure.
  14. As Lucshep said, impossible to say without knowing the resolution of the monitor. A rough guide for DCS using Nvidia at least is 1080p>3060, 1440p>3070 and 4k>3080 or better.
  15. Hi Keith, that all looks pretty solid. Come back on if you need any help with anything.
  16. Yeah thats a great choice on the monitor Buzz, you should not have any compatibility problems at all with that. Yeah anything like your bank, paypal, eBay and Amazon etc etc, just do a password change on anything that might have bank card details. Its good practise to do this every now and then anyway Buzz.
  17. Buzz, if I was you, you could go my route and just keep your hard drives. However, that's because I don't know as much regarding software and security as Bit master does. If you can get on TeamViewer with him. That's your best bet. His advise on this will be better than mine. Best of luck with the new system mate.
  18. Buzz, I hope you take me advise on the data issue. You are giving a complete system to someone you know. Please remove you HDD/SSD whatever has data in your old system and keep them. Then you can transfer data using usb adapters at your leisure. Your being charitable enough Buzz. Don't be too charitable protect yourself completely first. If the person you gift the system to is not one of the following. Family or a very physically local and long term friend. They can put their storage drives in your machine! By the way my mate 87 had cataract surgery this year. Took about 2-3 weeks for his vision to totally improve. Take it easy Buzz, anything else just ask us.
  19. Basically Buzz as long as Maingear are not fobbing you off with a lower spec CPU cooler or power supply then you should be ok. 5900x is solid, I have one. 3080 founders is a good thing too. An extra 100$ to go to 32gb is also reasonable mate. Let us know how it goes.
  20. Yeah I hear you Steel Jaw, Buzz doesn't have that options mate. No-one suggest a definite go to pre built supplier in NA?
  21. I rattled through a couple of custom specs at Origin and Cyberpower using their configurator, came to $2800 if it helps. That was with a 5800x, 32gb DDR4 and a 3080. Roughly what taxes are applies in the States?
  22. Hang on sorry, if you want a smaller monitor by all means Buzz get one, its the resolution that makes a difference not the screen size. The screen size is your personal choice, you know, what fits on your desk and all that. A 32" about 18-24 inches away is pretty perfect for gaming for visuals. For me personally I like a big screen. Let us all know how you get on Buzz.
  23. Buzz I dont think you will see the difference to be honest. I'm 40 with 20:20 vision and I use a 4k 60hz TV for DCS, I dont think I am missing anything at all. Ive use 120, 144 and 165hz monitors, they are for people playing first person shooter games online where very fast reaction times help the gaming experience. In games like DCS, IL-2, MSFS 2022 and the hunting games by EW. Its my opinion but 60hz is enough. Any more and your only making you computer hardware work harder, get hotter and use more electric. If I am honest I think it will get too confusing and add too many settings into you getting an enjoyable gaming experience. I have played The Hunter and had an EW account, so I know the pace of those games. You want a 32" 60hz IPS monitor. IPS is the screen tech and IPS gives a very clear image. The panel on my 4k is IPS. This Viewsonic is at Amazon, they are good I use to have one. ViewSonic VX3211-2K-mhd, 32 SuperClear IPS-Type panel
  24. No Buzz, Those synthetic cpu scores dont resemble actual differences in gaming performance. The 12700k Intel chip is much faster than the AMD 5800x chip. HOwever if you want to run your hunting games, DCS and some other games at 60fps it wont make any difference. Let me try to explain it to you this way. I use a 5900x cpu, it has x12 of the same cores the 5800x has x8 of. Most games only use x2 of those cores anyway, some use x4. Hardly any fully utilise a modern multi core cpu. So my 5900x when I am playing DCS is only really pushing x2 out of its x12 cores. Even then on an intense multi player server flying low over all of the trees I see about 75% usage on one core and about 65% usage on the other. Thats as hard as DCS is ever going to ask it to work. That is how I know that you will be just fine using a 5800x. You only need the best cpu you can get if you want to get as many fps out of a game as you can. I dont advise you doing that at all. I advise you to lock your games to use V-sync using a 60hz 1440p monitor and let the software take care of the rest. Your 5800x will perform in games as fast as my 5900x, I dont feel the need to buy the latest Intel 12700k. The memory is not faster either. Its DDR5 for the Intel and DDR4 for the AMD. Again in the games you will play you will notice absolutely 0.00% difference. You could get a 3070 if you want, but if you want all the eye candy in DCS get a 3080. However if you are happy with a little and I do mean little compromise on the graphics in DCS. Get the 3070. Me I would get the 3080, A 5800x with 32gb of DDR4 and a 3080 is a serious gaming machine by todays standards. I will tell you what I tell a lot of people. You can spend a lot of money you dont need to spell bound by specs and number. Do you "NEED" it though. The Intel is faster no denying that, I dont think you need it, I dont think you would ever use it.
  25. Have you looked at the videos I sent you? The AMD build will be perfect for what you want. You won't gain that much going with the Intel system. The 5800x is an excellent and solid CPU. The AMD 5000 series is so tested now there is very little to go wrong.
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